Cabinet moves ahead with Nexbis border control deal despite ACC objections

The Maldivian cabinet has reportedly decided to move ahead with implementing a border control system designed by Malaysia-based Nexbis after overruling concerns raised by the Anti-Corruption Commission that halted the deal earlier in the year.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair told newspaper Haveeru today that after two weeks of discussions, the cabinet had decided to move ahead with the Nexbis agreement originally signed back in October 2010. Zuhair was unavailable for comment on the decision when contacted by Minivan News.

The Nexbis deal had been bought to a halt soon after being signed as the ACC ordered a halt on a contract between the Department of Immigration and the Malaysia based mobile security firm over claims that were instances where corruption may have occurred. The ACC order was upheld by President Mohamed Nasheed in January, who requested that the Department of Immigration and Emigration adhere to the ACC’s guidance until it rules over the next step for the project

The ACC’s claims were vehemently denied by Nexbis, which announced days later that it was consider taking legal action against unspecified parties in the country that it alleged had “wrought irreparable damage to [the company’s] reputation and brand name” alleging attempts to halt the deal were “politically motivated” in nature.

According to Haveeru, ACC Deputy Commissioner Muawwiz Rasheed claimed following the cabinet’s decision today that only a Maldivian court could invalidate the decision to halt the project – even one with the reported support of the country’s executive arm.

“It’s mandatory for the department to follow our orders. The investigation is ongoing,” he was quoted as saying in the paper.


One thought on “Cabinet moves ahead with Nexbis border control deal despite ACC objections”

  1. Anti corruption committee is a USELESS entity.

    But I guess it needs to be there for a namesake. May be Government needs to think about reducing staff and salaries to them, as a cost saving.

    In any case, they don't have any serious-say in anything, unless Anni wants to. In which case, it doesn't matter what ACC says anyway.


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