Abdulla Yameen would consider second round election alliance with MP Gasim

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen has said he would consider siding with Jumhoree Party (JP) rival MP Gasim Ibrahim if unable to secure a first round victory in September’s election.

Yameen told state media yesterday (July 23) that he held no animosity towards JP presidential candidate MP Gasim, and would align with his rival if no candidate could secure 51 percent of the first round vote – resulting in a run-off election.

The JP is a coalition partner of the PPM in the current government of President Dr Mohamed Waheed.

Yameen also used his appearance on state media to discuss his party’s other key pledges for the upcoming election; focusing on issues of civic education and creating young entrepreneurs and fishermen, according to local newspaper Haveeru.

The PPM presidential candidate said he had also changed his mind on the death penalty, believing it should be given to prevent the “slaying of Maldivians”, local media reported.


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  1. Admitting defeat early on, PPM are looser's for even proposing this man for candidacy.


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