JSC votes not to accept resignations of sex tape probe members

The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) has reportedly refused to accept the recommendations of two members of the subcommittee investigating the leaked sex tapes of Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed.

According to local media, the JSC refused to accept the resignation of the watchdog body’s deputy president Abdulla Didi and presidential representative Latheefa Gasim.

Their resignations followed the JSC voting to disregard the subcommittee’s recommendation to suspend the judge pending investigation.

According to local media, the commission voted not to accept the resignations. Media officer Hassan Zaheen told Haveeru the two members would resume their duties following the vote.


2 thoughts on “JSC votes not to accept resignations of sex tape probe members”

  1. Exactly what kind of power does this porn star have?

    My guess is Jangiya, Yameen, still wants their puppet porn star in the game of corruption and manipulation. They would not want their puppet to open his mouth, which he will, if he get thrown to the lions (public), and these masters want desperately to keep him quiet.

    Why are we fasting? Why are we praying? Who are we trying to fool?

    Truth is; Mordis is not nearly good enough, steadfast enough, humble enough to go to heaven!

    Scumbags of human beings!!! That's what we are!!!

  2. It is good to know there is atleast within regarding the fornicating judge case.

    In truth by convention the fornicating judge should resign in light of the morally compromising footage of his. After all he sits on the moral chair and pass contradicting verdicts to his behavior.


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