“Be strong”: President Waheed’s brother tells former President Nasheed

Naushad Waheed, former Deputy High Commissioner to the UK and brother of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, has urged former President Mohamed Nasheed to “be strong” in a public message published yesterday (December 21).

The message came after Nasheed was prevented from the leaving the country to visit his ill father in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Be strong. Waheed will know you will be very sad when he stops you travelling [on] this trip,” he wrote.

While in jail under the autocratic rule of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Naushad noted that Gayoom had refused to allow him to attend his mother’s funeral.

“So Waheed is following all the footsteps from Golhaboa [derogatory term for Gayoom]. Revenge is the only word for them. Be strong,” Naushad wrote.

Naushad, a famous artist, was first arrested in 1999 following publication of a cartoon in a magazine called Hukuru. Two years later, he was arrested for criticism of the Gayoom administration and found guilty of treason.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Naushad became Deputy High Commissioner to the UK following Gayoom’s defeat in the October 2008 presidential election.

He later resigned from the post following the transfer of presidential power on February 7 and called on his brother to follow suit.

Meanwhile, President Waheed met former President Gayoom at Muleeage on Wednesday night. Gayoom told local media that “nothing special” was discussed and that the meeting was “just a friendly visit.”

Gayoom reportedly claimed that the pair were “old friends.” PPM Deputy Leader Umar Naseer meanwhile said the party’s interim leader and figurehead met President Waheed “frequently” for “lunch or dinner.”


One thought on ““Be strong”: President Waheed’s brother tells former President Nasheed”

  1. Naushaa Waheed was jailed several time by Gayooom and been tortured and also his mother was capt under arrest with a notice on the door no one is allowed inside the house other then people who sleep and eat from the house and telephone line was disconnected.

    Naushaad Waheed Mather was working for President Ibrahim Nasir wheh he was president and she supports Ibrahim Nasir the same Mother Dr Bagee Waheed The coup leader of Maldives who is stingy to lead the country for a weekend.
    Waheeda family is not far from President Nasheed but a coup only to remain in office only for a weekend.

    Dr,Waheed and Gasim Ibrahim mission is gone for a flop because Waheed thought that he will be given the collosion ticket for up coming election really.

    Yamin announce the he Will be facing PPM primary to win the party poll for up coming general election


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