Adeeb’s number plate fell off, claims police

The number plates of Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb’s motorcycle fell off during a cycle rally held on November 8 to celebrate the upcoming one-year anniversary of President Abdulla Yameen’s administration, police have said.

In a press statement issued today in response to media reports of Adeeb driving his motorbike without a front number or license plate, police claimed that a member of the public had discovered the number plate and handed it over to patrolling police officers.

Police learned later that the number plate fell off shortly after the rally began, the statement explained.

However, prior to issuing the statement, the police media official had refused to comment on the case when contacted by local media this week.

The penalty for the traffic rules violation is a fine of MVR500 for a first time offence.


3 thoughts on “Adeeb’s number plate fell off, claims police”

  1. but of course, it must have fell off, the police are saying so. and because it fell off during the event, he can't be charged with it.

    but if a common persons license plate falls off when riding around, its an offense and will be charged accordingly.

    lovely country i live in. where the law or religion does not apply to the rich and elite.


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