Adhaalath Party brings 34 hafiz for Ramazan prayers

The Adhaalath Party (AP) has arranged for 38 hafiz, individuals who can recite the Quran from memory, to lead tarawih (night prayer) throughout the atolls during Ramazan, reports local media.

The hafiz will be sent to islands by the first day of Ramazan (July 9) and AP is currently coordinating with island councils and associations to determine which islands they will be assigned, said Adhaalath.

This is the fifth year the AP has brought hafiz under its social responsibility program, with 34 arriving from India and four from Sri Lanka.


3 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party brings 34 hafiz for Ramazan prayers”

  1. @Kuribee.....

    where are you???? how can you let Indians come to our country

  2. Muslim for 800 years and you don't even have 30 people who have memorised the book? Or is this Adhaalath cutting a deal with the terrorists in the region? Ramadan is a good time to brainwash Dhivehistanis into the Wahhabi death cult - the frustrated peasants are especially vulnerable. You can bet that these mullahs aren't just here to parrot the Koran.

  3. One wonders, when you get all these mullahs and hafiz every year, and yet, Mordis has got this undercurrent to move towards a secular state. The MDP and the young generation wants secular government. Free from Mullah throat shackles.

    if One, just one scholar, who promotes secularism gives a speech, explaining the benefits, the relief that would open up in the decision that the government would make, the amount of traction it would gain would be phenomenal.

    100 mullahs intimidating the society, would gain less ground than one true scholar promoting secularism.

    No wonder why the mullahs are so scared to allow that not to happen!


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