Adhaalath party extends GMR ultimatum to November 30

The Civil Coalition’s ultimatum to reclaim the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) from its operator GMR has been extended to the end of this month.

The initial ultimatum for the Maldivian government to annul the agreement with GMR had an original deadline of November 15.

Speaking at the artificial beach on Friday night, leading figure in the anti-GMR activities, Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abudlla, said: “The Maldivian President has heard our plea, [He] has said that he heeds and respects it, [He] needs some time to arrange a few things.

“Hence to give [him] some time even if the previously issued ultimatum is up. The work is being done in this manner. Hence to give some space and stay put.”

According to Sheikh Imran, the ultimatum has been extended to November 30 as the president has heard their plea and respected it.

He added: “However our patience will wear out at some point, after that point we will go for direct action. After November 30, we will go for direct action. We will not stay still.”

President’s Office spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza, announced that “GMR must go” at the Friday night rally.

He added that the anti-GMR campaign must continue until GMR is ousted, insisting that relations between India and the Maldives should not be affected by it.

“Maldives has always considered India as an uncle, we will never go up against India. It is not GMR who sells us potatoes and onions, it is not GMR who sells us construction material, it is our brothers in India. They will always remain by our side,” Abbas said.


2 thoughts on “Adhaalath party extends GMR ultimatum to November 30”

  1. What an idiot this man is to believe that indian business will continue to think the maldivian government will uphold their part of the bargain in trade agreements in the future if GMR are kicked out by jumped up religious fools.

    GMR also hold contracts in Indian aviation, what's the betting your freight flights get delayed causing the cargo to foul before arriving in Male. Watch the price of your potatoes and onions rocket through the roof, because of your ignorance.

  2. Maldive should respect India friendship…India has changed a lot over last 6 years and became more aggressive…and thing against India interest and investment like GMR … will be seen very bad …see what India is doing to Russia for not treating India friendship well.


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