Liquor and drug island arrest like a “terrorist killing operation”: MP Abdulla Jabir

Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Abdulla Jabir has spoken of the severe brutality he and others faced whilst being arrested on Thursday’s island raid, likening the actions of the police to that of “terrorists”.

A ‘special’ operation carried out on Thursday night concluded with the arrest of ten people on the island of Hodaidhoo in Haa Dhaal Atoll, a police statement read.

Police said they found large amounts of “suspected” drugs and alcohol upon searching the island with a court warrant.

Jabir, who has since been released from custody, told how the arrested group suffered at the hands of the police during the night-time raid.

“We had gone there to have dinner and spend the night on the island, but at about 4:00am, when most of the group were asleep, we were confronted by hundreds of police.

“They said we were drinking alcohol, so I asked them to show a warrant and they didn’t have one. They then started hitting and beating us, they wanted to kill us,” he alleged.

“This did not feel like a police operation, it felt like a terrorist killing operation and it should not be acceptable anywhere in the world,” Jabir told Minivan News.

Jabir said how members of the group were “ripped” out of bed, including a two-year-old child, before being arrested “face-down” on the sand.

“The child had to watch his parents being treated like animals in front of him, it was psychologically damaging,” Jabir claimed.

“[Police] beat us to the ground, put us face down and stood on our heads whilst we were handcuffed. We were treated like pieces of s**t,” Jabir added.

Those arrested included MDP’s international spokesperson MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor (MDP), former SAARC Secretary General and Special Envoy to the former President, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, former Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair and his wife Mariyam Faiz.

The others arrested were Jadhulla Jaleel, Hamdan Zaki, two Sri Lankan nationals named Raj Mohan and Anoor Bandaranayk, as well as a Bangladeshi named Suhail Rana.

Jabir explained that there was “no alcohol or any other illegal substances whatsoever” on the island, adding: “If we had been interested in alcohol, we could have gone to one of my resorts.”

“None of us have any interest in alcohol, we had gone to the island to have a picnic. As for hash oil, I don’t even know what that is,” Jabir said.

The arrests were made “based on information received by police intelligence,” police said. Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Haveeru that the suspects were arrested with alcohol and “hash oil”.

Jabir claimed that if any items were found, they would have been “planted” by the police.

“I don’t know who was behind this, but I will go to every length to find out who ordered this operation and see they are behind bars.

“I had heard about police brutality, but this was beyond my imagination. It felt like they wanted to kill Zaki and myself,” he added.

Following the arrests, the suspects were taken to Kulhudhufushi in Haa Dhaal Atoll, and Zaki was hospitalised.

Former Human Resource Minister Hassan Latheef tweeted: “IH.Zaki was severely beaten by baton n handcuffed for hours before he was taken to Police. Marks r seen at his thigh n face.”

Former President Mohamed Nasheed also tweeted that he had spoken to the lawyers of Zaki and other MPs, who confirmed they had been beaten.

“Spoke to lawyers of Zaki & MPs. They have been beaten, ill-treated and no alcohol or drug was found in their position or from their rooms,” Nasheed said.

Parliament’s Privileges Committee held an emergency meeting on Friday following the arrests.

Section 202.D of Parliament’s rules of procedure states that MPs cannot be arrested while there is a no-confidence motion before parliament to impeach the president or remove a cabinet minister, judge or member of an independent commission from his or her post.

The Majlis secretariat released a statement on Friday afternoon stating that Speaker Abdulla Shahid had instructed police to abide by parliament’s rules of procedure after he was informed of the arrests.

Despite a police attempt to extend the detention periods, all suspects including the two MPs have now been released by the Kulhudhufushi Magistrate Court, with exception of Zaki’s son Hamdan Zaki and Jadhulla Jaleel after the court extended their detention for five days.

Zaki is currently undergoing treatment at ADK hospital after being flown to Male’ this morning.

It has been alleged by the MDP that the arrests were a politically-motivated attempt to disrupt parliament ahead of a no confidence motion against President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

Following the arrests, Nasheed alleged in a tweet that the arrests were made the same day Waheed had “threatened” parliament during a speech on Kinolhas in Raa Atoll.

“Less than 24 hours after my former deputy threatened the parliament, police have arrested MP Hamid, Jabir and my press secretary. They must be freed immediately,” Nasheed said.

The island of Hodaidhoo was leased to Yacht Tours for resort development in January 2003. According to Haveeru, it was previously inhabited but the population was relocated to Haa Dhaal Hanimadhoo in 1997. MP Jabir is Chairman of Yacht Tours.


41 thoughts on “Liquor and drug island arrest like a “terrorist killing operation”: MP Abdulla Jabir”

  1. We all know who Jabir and Zaki are! And if we are to believe what they say we should also believe what others who are arrested on suspicion of criminal offenses say.

  2. Jabir and Zaki are not criminals. They are human beings and should be treated like human beings. The Maldives Police Services (MPS) personnel think they are above God that they can do whatever they want. They are too big for their boots. They are uneducated, uncouth, and barbaric individuals who will do anything. The leadership at MPS will eventually pay the price. Wait and see!

  3. The Maldives Police, and the former regime, Who lost the election after loosing the election.

    They in bee using Alcohol as a political weapon In the country.To prove the Islamic Nation the democratic elected regime is full of illegal thrills.

    A-The first cabinet meeting held
    outside Male' for the first time
    in history was held in Island of
    Kudhoofushi.After the cabinet
    meeting they dump a lot of empty
    bottles and beer cans to the
    the beach. A safari boat came and drop
    all the empty,s. Blaming the cabinet
    on media that they have been using
    Alcohol during the cabinet meeting In
    2-President Nasheed was force to
    resin from Office after a
    police back coup and after he
    he left home the Media announce
    they have found empty Bottles
    and beer canes inside the
    residence they were to file case
    against him and the Defense
    Minister was taken to
    3-The Police raided the M.D.P
    Protest camp after the coup
    while the they were protesting
    out side the Parliament.The Army came
    in and chase the rest who were inside
    raid the place and shown that they
    found beer cold and condoms.
    4-The Police raided the second M.D.P
    camp and reported that they have
    marijuana smoked joint but and
    5-Now again to threat to M.P when
    Parliament is ready to take a
    confident vote against the coup
    leader Dr,Bagee Waheed .

  4. Jabir doesn't even know what Hash Oil is? Brilliant!
    Not that I support what happened, but listen dudes, we may not be very rich but, but we also can tell what BS is.

  5. If somebody is in doubt about Jabir, Zaki, and Zuheir being drunkards, then let them be in peace!

    The majority of Maldivians know about this bad habit of theirs but are too polarized politically to be just in their political belief.

  6. Yes, it deserves treatment as a terrorist killing operations.

    Maldives is being terrorized by some MPs and do you expect them to hush.

    A sea burial for Zaki is a good start.

  7. What a country?

    I am not a fan of Jabir or Zaki, but I think the Maldivians specially the "enlightened" ones are digging their own grave. Are you seriously thinking that these are the most serious crimes?

    Police force has repeatedly failed to do what they are paid to do by the tax payers. They have failed to catch real criminals who commit serious crimes such as murder, robbery, theft, burglary, child sex offenders, but they are after who commits petty "crimes" such as consensual sex and alcohol consumption. The Police force has repeatedly failed to provide hard evidence in almost all murder cases presented to the court.

    The Maldives police force is a failed institution since 34 years ago. Anni who was elected to rehabilitate the Police force even failed to do that. At the end he became a victim of his own unwillingness to rehabilitate the Police.

    With Adhaalath, and vocal Umar Naseer (Younger Golaa Boa), Maldives will soon become "heaven on earth" for their fellow (followers) Maldivians.

    To the pleasure seeking, pork eating wine consuming Western Tourists, watch out the Maldives is soon going to ban alcohol and pork product imports, legalise underage marriages, chase any foreign companies in the country out and introduce what they called "Halaal" or "Islamic Tourism" (apparently for the rich Arabs who visit Europe for sex and banned substances). So who is writing the marketing plan?

  8. Maldivinanas are the most corrupted minds living in contemporary world. They are very ignorant society who uses their brain as toilet paper. The more bull shit you talk it is easy to sell them. Growing beard, caging their women in cloths, shouting like uncontrolled animals in front of Zombies gathering are their civil norms. They detests alcohol but still act worse than drunkest, their brains fogged due to severe constipation and lack of nutrition’s has extremely reduced the amount neurons in their brains resulting severe deficiency in cognitive ability. I feel sorry for the doomed followers of cult of death.

  9. The police brutality was jihad when it was meted out to political opponents on the streets, now it is intolerable terror?

    I am sorry for the kid, the women, and Zaki too. But Jabir is a lying conniving hypocrite who would sell his mother for political gain, he got what he deserved.

  10. a group of drunkards get drunk and when some of them get wasted. they take their clothes off and decorate and insert flowers to their butts.!does this sound familiar!

  11. Any Muslim caught with booze in Maldives should be beaten black and blue! .....politician, MP, or anyone.

  12. @Bootleg

    In islam there is the concept of trials and justice, not barbarianism

    whoever drinks, does drugs, needs to be tried infront of a judge under islamic law, then punished according to Islam, and not beaten up in this fashion..

    Violent people like you deserve to be punished as much as them, because unjustified Violence has severe punishment in the REAL Islam (look up Hiraaba in Islam)

  13. Reading between the lines,

    if Hamid Abdul Gafoor, zuhair and zaki were only busted, the sentiment would have been yeah they deserve it, they are the typical mdps hash oil smoking, alcohol drinking Anni's posies..


    Throw lolly Jabir into the mix, the ball game changes. Her majesty Dhiyana wakes up in the middle of the night to defend her husband, Gasim's JP is offended, the majlis is on alert and we all know Jabir is going to rant about it on media until he makes sure there's some serious damage done to the status quo.

    We maldivians become accustomed to such hypocrisy, when Reeko Moosa, Mariya, Nasheed were beaten up and slaughtered like chickens in front f live television, we all just accepted it as it was the way it is. But when Jabir is handcuffed on a sandy beach, we think, hey this government is now taking things too far.

    I am eagerly waiting for a day when Maumoon is dragged from his house, hand cuffed and beaten on the head, the whole country and media would go absolutely haywire. It will be the end of the days n the government would fall soon after

  14. @ Damn on

    Frankly you should go and take a Wank and then come and teach me about Islam and the Quran. Being sympathetic to people who consume alcohol on the sly means you are birds of the same feather.

  15. It is well know Lolly Jabir, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Zuhair (an ex drug and current drug addict) and many more in DRP, PPM, MDP, JP and other party members are drug addicts, alcoholics and also practice witch craft! They jointly do it as illustrated by this incident!

  16. Anyone who uses drugs should be caught and put on trial. Only if we had listened to the words of our Rasool Muhammadh Sa'lalaahu alihi wasa'lam.
    Even in other religions preachers preach to not drink, but in their case they do it while drinking themselves. On the other hand our prophet is a shining role model. Only the biased and truth denying oppose this. We should be people who practice Islam.

  17. Hamid. Arrest of Jabir together with MDP leadership people show that this government does not care who commit the crimes and infect it is a positive sign and strength of the government.

    Both Maumoon and Anni weakness is that they have to protect their members regardless of nature of the crime they commit.

  18. Calm down everyone. It isn't likely that any of these people were beaten.

    However we should all be concerned about the political situation. Clearly the competition is intensifying with the the government beginning to take the impeachment motion against Waheed seriously.

    Said meeting indicates a lot of negotiations ongoing between JP, MDP and possibly DRP.

    Statements from other parties indicate a possible alliance between Doctors Waheed and Saeed along with Adalat and PPM.

    The caretaker government was brought to fix the mess that Nasheed created. However it is slowly becoming clear that Waheed is developing ambitions of his own and he is being backed by powerful allies.

    This was merely a smear campaign and it has worked. A lot of the common folk have lost further confidence in and respect for the Parliament - not a fact that any of us should celebrate.

    India has given its stand on the issue with a call for reconciliation. If only this utopian dream could be realized.

    What remains to be seen is whether political parties can manage to stop their bickering and keep our institutions out of their battles. If we cannot trust in our Executive, Parliament and Judiciary then what's the point of the 2008 Constitution.

    The Nasheed-regime went down this path earlier. Waheed needs to rethink this strategy. Also political parties must find a way out of this mess without another messy impeachment and change of government.

    In the future we should also set out procedures for an impeachment motion preferably with time limits and clearer grounds for impeachment. We cannot have a Parliament that can just wake up one day and decide that they don't like the President and then keep an impeachment motion stalled inside until enough MPs can be bought to make it pass. Why does that remind me of the 80s and why does it feel like the Maldives has not really come that far in terms of our political leadership?

  19. Well, I don't feel sorry for Jabir, Zaki or anyone else who were "beaten" by the notorious MPS. When ordinary citizens like myself are beaten to high heaven, no one bats an eye lid.

    The drinking habits of these chaps are well known to everyone. The regime has clearly chosen an opportune moment to lull them into a trap.

    Jabir deserves what he gets, since the very regime he helped prop up is now after his blood. What goes around comes around...

  20. @Hamid,

    Hope that day comes to pass, and hope, waheed, Mohamed Nasheed, Reeko, JP nutcases, most of if not all the MP's
    get smashed too..

    People are giving way too much credibility and power to these politicians, and Depending on which party you support, you choose to ignore your own parties mistakes.
    All of them are guilty, and They will
    God willing be smashed in this life.. and the next

  21. Police commissioner Riyaaz should be sacked; from day he was assigned as commissioner he has threatened the Maldivian public. He made his threat to the public very clear on his inception speech; he said he will make the Maldives police something which will be feared by the Maldivian public. He kept his word through beating and intermediation and arresting of opposition political rivals. He should be held accountable for police brutality. Now this man is after the MP’s.

  22. The police must have been watching "Skyfall". Like one reader said a sea burial for Zaki would have been brilliant.

  23. socalled Police inteligence huh, keke,

    Actually, what is Hash oil???

    A commoner will refers to it as Hashish oil; looks like the police know their stuff better from police intelligence, just the exact term used in the drug market, drug dealers and drug users..

  24. All that money and they don't go abroad to drink, which is the proper and intelligent way an upper income Muslim should go about boozing. Drinking in the Maldives is just silly.

  25. they may have arrested but the maldive police are now behaving like thugs gangsters we must stand against this it could be you or me tomorrow this is a police state now a total dictatorship

  26. The country is in a mess because all of the following institutions heads have an extra something.

    Police Commissioner
    Auditor General
    Commissioner General of Taxation
    Anti Corruption Commissioner
    MMA Governor
    Civil Service President
    Chief Justice
    Almost all Ministers

  27. What about former president Ibrahim Nasir's extended family and in-laws.. Nasir gave them all the islands near Male to make resorts like Giraavaru and they booze openly all the time...

  28. Did they beat Zaki's private parts, since then he is wearing a sarong and bed ridden, what a crook he is becoming now.

  29. if we cant drink, then you cant drink! this hypocrisy has continued long enough. time to put an end to this. i am against coup regime and their police bi*tc**s. but i am also against discrimination against the less fortunate and poor in this country. kids from ordinary families are suffering, their whole lives ruined for some things. sometimes for being a victim of rape, sometimes for smoking a little pot, sometimes for being a rebellious teenager. meanwhile the rich basterds are getting away with corruption involving millions, trafficking large amounts of drug, human trafficking, pedophilia, torture,...anything really.

  30. @minivan please remove my previous comment, it was a bit too harsh

    nope not sympathy, but upholding law and order, and hadd punishment for drinking instead of violence..

  31. genocidal_maniac on Sun, 18th Nov 2012 11:18 AM
    "if we cant drink, then you cant drink! this hypocrisy has continued long enough. time to put an end to this. i am against coup regime and their police bi*tc**s. but i am also against discrimination against the less fortunate and poor in this country. kids from ordinary families are suffering, their whole lives ruined for some things. sometimes for being a victim of rape, sometimes for smoking a little pot, sometimes for being a rebellious teenager. meanwhile the rich basterds are getting away with corruption involving millions, trafficking large amounts of drug, human trafficking, pedophilia, torture,…anything really."
    You nailed it on the head. Sorry Maldivians but you guy's have had the wool pulled over your eyes for so long in the name of religion and petty crimes. Guy's like Gasim on one hand screaming Jihad and then voting down the ban on alcohol. It doesn't get any more obvious than this. What amazes me the most is how most Maldivians just do nothing with the blank stares on their faces. Wake up people, stop spending so much time praying and start spending more time dealing with the issues your country has. Or you can continue to pray and make up new holidays and the rich will just continue to rape you in your sleep.

  32. MPS probably had nothing to proove any of their allegations, otherwise the Court would have extended the detention willingly, as they always do. Police Commissioner has a lot of convincing to do or resign from his post.

  33. This is what our beloved country has come to! Today we sit and cry for a dream lost and faith corrupted!

  34. @Anthony Richards

    "Wake up people, stop spending so much time praying and start spending more time dealing with the issues your country has. Or you can ..."

    For gods sake, so you, just being you(a westerner)blames it all on Islam for our ignorance eh, for your info the prayer itself is to keep people away from such addiction as alcohol and you blaming it on the prayer is damn irritating.

    The only problem of the Muslim world is trying to attain and be something which they aren't and trying to achieve that through people like your type of western friends.We are in this mess because most of us forgot who we are and we forgot the sincerity that we had to show God (Greed and money comes before everything)

    The west always say religion is for ignorants but i do not see any better and healthier picture of your so called developed nations.

    Ask yourself

    why Americans are struggling with depression?

    Why West Virginia Has the Second Highest Prescription Drug Overdoses in Nation?

    The increase in suicide rates in Europe and America?

    i just can't understand why most of the rich and famous celebrities (like Amy winehouse) live in depression and die of overdoses

    you are talking about us but what about the Eurozone collapse that is on the verge of exploding???

    the world is no better place even without religion???

  35. Idiots, do you all want to be carried in a royal motocade with a guard of honour when you are all caught red handed using drugs? WTF. You are MPs who were supposed to be doing your jobs for the betterment of this country and its people, rather you are found in a desert island using drugs. And then when arrest on the spot, you all resisted and when the police used a bit of force you are all shouting from all the holes on your bodies. MPs like all of you deserve to be killed on the spot rather than been arrested. I have no sympathy to anyone of you A**ho**s and I salute our police for arresting you garbages.

  36. The biggest problem with Maldivian and are you guys have personal politics. Why can’t you just leave people personal matters out of national politics? What is wrong with you if Jabir drinks, if his wife does blow jobs? In My case I don’t care when people do anything if does not affect me or the society physically, financially. As far as morality is concerned, for some people child bride is morally OK, but for some people it is worse than consuming alcohol. Ethics and morality is personal matters and it cannot be forced on individuals from difference source of the society.

    As long as you want play with people inner self in the name of God who definitely does not exist you are creating problems of never ending. In a world when we don’t need a God why do we have to waste our time for this imaginary things who cannot do anything for us. Good people do good because they feel good by doing good things. Praying and being religious is personal matters, you can’t say these are good deeds. Tody’s good deeds are totally different, than praying and doing religious obligatory. Today’s good behaviors are to work for community, help needy people, take care of environment, grow trees, take care of animals and children and elderly and be hygiene. Refrain from spitting on the ground, littering, smoking, and drinking. Respect everyone including those who have different opinions.

    Unless you go by today’s rules, you can’t have democracy, because democracy founded based on these values.

  37. Who doesn’t drink alcohol?

    Do you think BMW Waheed’s whole family doesn’t drink alchol or Gasim, or Abbas Adil Riza, or Waheed Deen, or Abdulla Riyaaz or Nazim doesn’t drink alcohol or sheik Shameem or sheik Imran?

    I doubt

  38. Since Nasimso era, child sex abuse, slavery and torture of women has gone higher but everyone is quiet and accepts these criminals back to society.

    Drugs, alcohol and sex have been part of our life during Gayoom, Anni and Waheeds tenures. We all know who drinks alcohol because the pictures are all over. In Male, in resorts, in colombo clubs, in malaysia and recently in Europe and New york where some ministers and top brass in the new government were so drunk, vomited all over the hotel and forgot they were recorded. A few bucks to the hotel and cctv recordings were sold. 1 out of every 10 smart phones in Male will have these videos and pictures of Maldivian drinking, smoking dope or having sex.

    Why do we pretend to be blind and forget to address issues affecting our daily lives? (health, education, jobs)

  39. Why hasnt Minivan news reported todays press conference where they showed the vidoes of Zaki intoxicated and reeling (probably from drinking too much), and mumbling, and Hamidh Abdul Qafoor with shame and emberassment in his eyes as the Police investigates his room and finds bottles of alchohol.

    These are the role models which MDP expects us to follow. Yet, these are the actions these MDP role models are comitting in private, drinking vodka and alcohol in remote islands.

    Even though these evidences have been submitted, NOT A SINGLE MDP member will believe that a single alcohol bottle was found in that island, in Hamidh and Zaki's room. Why ? to accept that would be to accept that their party leaders are consuming alcohol, and that would lead to political shame.



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