Ahmed Farish Maumoon made state minister

The President’s Office has confirmed the appointment of Ahmed Farish Maumoon as the Minister of State for Economic Development.

Farish is the son of former President and leader of the Progressive Party of Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Gayoom’s daughter Dunya – formerly state minister for foreign affairs under the previous administration – was appointed to the cabinet as foreign minister last week.

The names of the first cabinet ministers proposed by the newly elected President Abdulla Yameen – Gayoom’s half-brother – were forwarded for the approval of the People’s Majlis today.

The proposed appointments include Umar Naseer as Home Minister, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed as Islamic Minister, Dr Mohamed Muiz as Housing and Infrastructure Minister, Dr Mohamed Shainy as Fisheries and Agriculture Minister, Mohamed Saeed as Economic Development Minister and Thoriq Ibrahim as Environment and Energy Minister.


3 thoughts on “Ahmed Farish Maumoon made state minister”

  1. Same old losers. The gang is back and the old bastard is behind the reigns.

    Yameen why don't you appoint the grand children of Gayoom and your whole family. So it makes a complete and wholly owned family business.

  2. And Mohamed Nasheed appointed members of his own family to posts in the government. Whats your point?


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