President Yameen vows not to interfere with judicial processes before calling for cases to be expedited

President Abdulla Yameen has stated that his administration will not interfere in the judicial process,  while also calling on authorities to expedite both the investigation and prosecution of pending cases.

“We will not try to influence the judiciary to rule on any case in any certain way,” said the president, addressing supporters at a PPM coalition rally held on Sunday night under the title of ‘Thank you, nation’.

“My government is not one that will pressurize the judiciary to rule on any case in any particular way. We will not do such a thing. However, the cases pending at courts must be expedited. This is a personal right constitutionally guaranteed to every citizen,” Yameen stated,

“Even tonight, I call to expedite any cases against a child or person. What the state can do to facilitate this is to ensure we provide the facilities needed to do this,” Yameen said.


Yameen spoke about the no-confidence vote against Prosecutor General Ahmed Muiz – who subsequently resigned this afternoon – saying that members are appointed to independent institutions with trust placed in them, but that the current parliament removes them if they are dissatisfied regardless of whether any fault is found.

He commented on the work of the parliament, saying that although the state is working with loyalty and is aiming to protect the constitution, the parliament has the complete authority to send a particular person back home if they are displeased with him for any reason, regardless of whether or not they can pinpoint the reasons for it.

He then went on to say that when no-confidence motions are passed against senior leaders of independent institutions, their reason for dismissal and their faults must be laid out for all to see, adding that the current parliament did not seem to share his viewpoint.

“While the government is looking at providing services to the public, and at fulfilling the larger policies included in our manifesto, we require the institutions to be able to match us step for step and walk alongside us. If not, the complete development that I speak of cannot be brought to the Maldives,” he stated.

Nasheed Administration

Speaking at the rally, President Yameen announced that the various allegations made against members of the administration of former President Mohamed Nasheed will be investigated by “specific state institutions created for the purpose”, and that the current government will not be involved in the process.

Yameen spoke of the importance of leaving behind the mindset where the opposition are viewed as enemies, and highlighted the importance of working together with even those who differ in political views. He said that, despite differences in political opinions, one must forgive others.

“There is an Auditor General. There is an Anti-Corruption Commission. Thankfully, the judiciary is an institution we have trust in. Neither our party nor I believe these are matters that I need to interfere in,” he stated.

While noting that there are many needs of the citizens, the president said that the main thing the people desired was peace and stability. He commended the first days of his government, claiming they had demonstrated an exemplary conduct of working in unity and refraining from envy and enmity.

Local council and parliamentary elections

The upcoming elections for the local councils and parliament were also discussed, with Yameen stating that during contests, citizens would not judge the government by the fluency of their political rhetoric, but by the level of stability maintained in the country and the speed at which their needs are met.

“Regardless of how little time there is, with Allah’s will we have begun some work. Our work is to ensure that in the coming local council elections, our work is done in a manner that will be accepted by the citizens,” Yameen stated.

Vice President Jameel also stated that the PPM coalition will “employ the same formula used to win the presidential election to achieve a sweeping win with a large majority in the upcoming local council and parliamentary elections”.

Jameel stated that while the “formula” is based on three concepts, the main and most important one is unity amongst separate political parties.

“This is a success that was gained for the protection of this country. A success gotten for the sake of protecting the religion of Islam. If we are to offer thanks for this success in the coming days, we must listen to that prayer of the people. The thanks can be given by not forgetting to deliver the major things we must provide for the citizens,” Jameel told the gathered supporters.

He added that the biggest fear in Maldivian hearts is that Islam might be eradicated from the country, pledging to appoint Quran teachers for every Maldivian school in the next 14 days in an attempt to prevent this from happening.

The vice president added that the Yameen administration had also begun work to establish an Islamic University in the country.


8 thoughts on “President Yameen vows not to interfere with judicial processes before calling for cases to be expedited”

  1. “Thankfully, the judiciary is an institution we have trust in."

    What else can you say? Just get those Quran teachers in the schools, keep your heads down and pray. Yameen and company will take care of the rest.

  2. No one doubts how happy Yaameen is with Judiciary, because it has worked with the wish of Yameen in past. However, the truth is Judiciary is one of the corrupted institutions; the State has lost millions due them. And definitely those who are there are incompetent for a democracy, having said that, it is also true that you can’t find the right people for the judiciary in a country like Maldives where 99% of people are strict adherent to ancient and rigid Islam, but still you can find elderly people who don’t have much sexual desire and greediness of money and name. If Yaameen is genuine his first priority should be to appoint right people especially to Supreme Court.

    Yaameen is simply doing hypocrisy by showing that he is true leader for Maldivian because he has no choice. He can’t show his true color amidst current nasty divisive political climate where half of population does not support him and definitely given the current world power’s policy on global geo politics, he can’t go on rampage like his Bro. The whole credit of what we see today goes to Anni as he has rightly put Maldives on global focus. Since the survival of Maldives entirely depend on foreigners, and to do anything that disappoint foreigners would be suicide. He can’t be that stupid like radical Wahhabee type guy to disregard the threat if does anything crazy.

  3. Is Islam a beggar and an orphan? Does it really need so much help from PPM and JP? Come on you guys in the Maldives. Islam is bigger and stronger than you think. Go away you fools.

    Why bother with the Judiciary? It is on our side: PPM and JP, right?

  4. Nasheed is the man who had tried hard to eradicate Islam from Maldives. Today he is the deep shit because of that.

    What Nasheed had said in Denmark is not acceptable and result of what he mentioned are now what he had seen.

    Nasheed is the man who had given names for all judiciary members and he must be responsible for who ever is corrupted.

    yameen is 1000 times better leader than Fili Baaghee Nasheed.

  5. @ Hero, for god's sake can you stop insulting Islam ? Even to take potshots at Nasheed, don't you think you are stooping too low. if you don't have any love for religion shut your trap. Islam does not need protection from mere mortals, it has been decreed it shall continue till end of time. If your faith is in so much danger, shut yourself in a small room and stay there till end of time so you will not see anything to tempt you away from religion.

  6. @aicha

    You are joking, right? It's an insult to the creator of everything, even to associate the junk of so-called religious beliefs that we tout here on earth now, to the source. The almighty creator wouldn't have passed us so flimsy a thread, that's so misunderstood, misinterpreted, misjudged, twisted at will, mistaken, misinformed, as a divine path for all. For the source, to line up the whole humanity onto the path, wouldn't take more than a 'Be so! wish'.

    A good one, though.

  7. What's this? Trying to distance yourself from your minions? In any case, not publicly challenging the court is not equal to "not interfering". If Yan pulls and pushes to affect the proceedings and the outcome (Or the lack of it), it is considered interfering in the rational world.

  8. How funny that Jameel thinks he speaks on behalf of the "Maldivian hearts" and funnier yet is this fear of Islam being eradicated. If by Islam you mean the religion, the almighty will protect it, but if you mean another creed that likes of you and the adalath are set on creating you will fail. Jameel you rotting sack of waste, get your head out of those lunatics' *** and smell the lack of poo on the outside.


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