Ahmed Sareer takes up Maldives Permanent Representative role at UN

Ahmed Sareer has taken up the role of the Maldives Permanent Representative to the United Nations on Thursday (December 20) after presenting his letter of credence, local media has reported.

Sareer, who was appointed to the permanent representative role by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan earlier this month, was officially confirmed in the position at a ceremony overseen by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon at the organisation’s headquarters.

In a Foreign Ministry statement seen by local newspaper Haveeru, Sareer praised the UN for its ongoing role in the Maldives pushing for national developments in areas such as human rights and climate change.  He also welcomed the UN’s role in providing the nation with technical assistance such as with the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for next year.

Sareer has previously served as the Maldives’ High Commissioner to Bangladesh.

Sareer’s name was earlier forwarded earlier this year for parliamentary approval as a replacement for Abdul Gafoor Mohamed, who resigned from the UN post over concerns about February’s transfer of power.

Gafoor announced his intention to resign from the post live on Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’ programme shortly after the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed.

“I believe the new president should have the opportunity to have his views and policies presented to the world community through representatives who serve him without equivocation or reservation,” Gafoor told Al Jazeera at the time.


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  1. Yea! Three Cheers for the Smiling Barracuda as the permanent representative of Maldives at the United Nations 🙂


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