Sareer nominated for UN ambassador role

Ahmed Sareer, current Maldives ambassador to the United States, has been nominated as a potential successor to Abdul Gafoor Mohamed as the country’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Sareer’s name has this week been forwarded to the parliament as a replacement for Gafoor, who resigned from the UN post earlier this year over concerns about February’s transfer of power, local newspaper Haveeru has reported.

Gafoor announced his intention to resign from the post live on Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’ programme shortly after the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed.

“I believe the new president should have the opportunity to have his views and policies presented to the world community through representatives who serve him without equivocation or reservation,” Gafoor told Al Jazeera.

Sareer has previously served as the Maldives’ High Commissioner to Bangladesh. His nomination has been forwarded to the National Security Committee.


2 thoughts on “Sareer nominated for UN ambassador role”

  1. Our ambassador to Shaitan himself. Shame on him and his predecessor!

  2. What can Sareer do there. Take orders from Jeffery and Hassan Hussain Shihab!! What foreign service career! There is no such thing present right now. It’s all political posts. However much you dedicate your enire life to a career it can be thrown off by the whims and fancies of the Politicians. Look at what happened to Seawead. Career blown off because some politician wanted the post so badly.


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