Algerian businessman donates MVR3.1million to mosque fund

Islamic Minister Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has today told Sun Online that an Algerian businessman has decided to donate MVR3.1 million ($US200,000) to the mosque fund after visiting Male’ as a tourist.

The Minister explained that this donation would cover the cost of 20 percent of the building currently under construction for the Waqf fund, with the Islamic Bank paying for the remaining 80 percent.

Sun reported that the fund, which was started to provide financial assistance to mosques, has thus far received MVR15 million (US$974,000) in donations. Nearly one third of this is said to have been spent on the renovation of mosques.

Shaheem also said that he believed the fund would receive more donations at the upcoming Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) conference in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.


One thought on “Algerian businessman donates MVR3.1million to mosque fund”

  1. An anonymous Algerian businessman? No terror links here?

    I want an audit of this Miskiy Fund scam. Full transparency, This much money is not needed for mosque renovation. We aren't gonna build st peters or the haram are we Bonaqua?


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