Islamic Minister to release MVR10 million for mosque repair in Ramadan

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has pledged to spend MVR10 million on mosque repair in the Maldives for the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Speaking to news agency Haveeru, Shaheem said the ministry had handed over MVR800,000 to the Malé City Council to repair 22 mosques in the capital.

The announcement comes after the council had expressed concern over the ministry’s failure to release funds.

“So far, we have released funds for 100 mosques. In the past two weeks, we have spent approximately MVR4 million for mosque repair,” Shaheem said.

Funds will be spent to replace fans, repair sound systems, and renovate toilets and minarets, he said.

Shaheem also noted difficulties in repairing the domed roof of the Hulhumalé mosque. The Qatar government has pledged US$100,000 for the job and released US$50,000 so far, he said.

The Islamic minister also expressed concern over the delays in construction of Furugaan Mosque on Ameenee Magu in Malé. He said eight years has passed since construction began, but expressed confidence the mosque would be opened for Ramadan.


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