Alhan says DRP win in provinces would be “a disaster”

MDP MP Alhan Fahmy has said if his former party the DRP win the provinical elections, it would be a “disaster”.

Miadhu reported Fahmy’s claims at an MDP rally in Kolamafushi that such a win would represent a “major economic and political setback for the country”.

He accused DRP of trying to block the implementation of the MDP manifesto at the provincial level for political reasons.

Fahmy joined MDP last month after he was suspended from the DRP for voting against the party line in a no-confidence motion against Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed. His decision to switch parties was met with glee by the MDP, and was viewed as betrayal by sectors of the DRP.

Alhaan said at Kolamafushi that he was proud to join the MDP and “believed in the vision which President Nasheed has for the country.”