Arabiyya School to continue in MES building

Parents of Arabiyya School have decided to continue lessons inside the Male’ English School (MES) building.

The school was closed last week when a wall collapsed during a class, and the education ministry made the decision to rebuild it following reports of structural weaknesses in the building.

Principal of Arabiyya School Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim Rasheed said the education ministry gave the school two options for a new location.

”The education ministry told us to decide to continue in either the Ameer Ahmed School building or the MES building,” Rasheed said.

Rasheed said almost all the parents agreed to choose the MES building.

He said the school would be covering the lost lessons by making part of Saturday a school day for Arabiyya students.

”Students in grade 1-6 wil lbe studying in the afternoon session and grade 7-12 students will study in the morning sessions,” he said.

He noted that ”the education ministry had said that they will finish the reconstruction of the Arabiyya building within one and a half years.”

Head of the Schools Department of the Education Ministry Shifa Mohamed said hopefully next Sunday Arabiyya students would start their studies in the MES building.

”We will start demolishing Arabiyya School as soon as we get the money for it,” she said.


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  1. "the collapse of a wall sparked protest"

    huh?? is this something to protest about now?


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