Ameen proposed by JP council as replacement transport minister

The Jumhoree Party’s (JP) Vice President and Chairman of VTV, Ameen Ibrah, has been proposed by the JP council to replace Dr Ahmed Shameed as Transport Minister.

If accepted, Ameen will replace recently dismissed Dr Ahmed Shamheed.

Dr Shamheed – who is also a JP member – was removed from his cabinet post after he extended the Maamigili Airport lease to JP leader Gasim Ibrahim for 99 years.

JP Spokesperson Moosa Rameez said that 15 out of 22 members present at last night’s council meeting voted in favour of Ameen.

JP Secretary General Hassan Shah was also suggested, however he received no votes as Ameen’s name was passed by the council, Moosa said.

The coalition-aligned party asked the government earlier this week to reinstate Dr Ahmed Shamheed as Transport Minister, however this was rejected by the government.

Sun Online reported that reliable sources had said Ameen was passed by the council with strong backing from JP leader Gasim Ibrahim. This was later denied by the party spokesperson.