Arabbiya School to teach grades 4-12 in Arabic

The Ministry of Education has held discussions on teaching grades four through 12 at the Arabbiya School in Malé in Arabic medium, reports newspaper Haveeru.

The government-run school currently teaches in both English and Arabic as the medium of instruction.

State Minister Adam Shareef Umar – who is also in charge of the national institute of education – told the local daily that meetings have been held to discuss the change.

If the decision is finalised, grades four to six would be taught exclusively in Arabic and with the exception of the English and Dhivehi subjects, all other subjects would taught in Arabic for grades seven through 12.

Students in grades one to three would be taught in both languages. The state minister explained that it would allow students to transfer to other schools after grade three if they choose without difficulties in transition.

An official from the school – which currently has about 900 students – said that teaching in two languages affected learning and grades.

The government is meanwhile planning to change two other schools – the Addu Nooraanee School and a designated school in the north – to the Arabic medium.