Auditor general’s position opened for applications

The President’s Office has this morning called for applications for the auditor general’s post after controversial changes to the Audit Act last week.

Incumbent Niyaz Ibrahim has told local media he will not be applying for the post, intending instead to challenge the constitutionality of the amendments which require the president to reappoint an auditor within one month.

The announcement was published in the government gazette today and will be open until 3pm on Monday, November 10. Forms are available on the President’s Office website.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party is also considering challenging the legality of the amendment, introduced as part of changes to legislation bringing statutes in line with the 2008 Constitution.

Proposing the motion, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Ahmed Thoriq noted that the Audit Act was passed in 2007 before the ratification of the current Constitution and did not specify the responsibilities, mandate, qualification and ethical standards of the auditor general.

The amendment was passed last week, the same day the auditor general signed a damning report into an alleged US$6 million corruption scandal involving Minister of Tourism and PPM deputy leader Ahmed Adeeb.

Adeeb has labelled the report political motivated, suggesting an attempt to defame him by his political opponents.

Minivan News understands former Deputy Speaker and PPM MP Ahmed Nazim was involved in leaking documents related to the case to online news outlet CNM, which first broke the story of the Anti-Corruption Commission investigating the transactions.

In an interview with Haveeru yesterday, Niyaz denied being influenced by the Dhiggary MP Nazim, stating that their relationship during Nazim’d time as head of the Majlis’ financial committee was not in any way unusual.

Both Niyaz and his family have received death threat since the release of the report.