Indian External Affairs Minister meets with Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon

Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj met with Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon last night (November 3) during her transit halt in the Maldives on her travels back to India from Mauritius.

At the meeting both Ministers discussed matters of bilateral importance, including upcoming projects in the Maldives to be executed with India’s assistance.

Ms Swaraj also extended Victory Day greetings to all Maldivians – celebrated annually to commemorate the heroes who defended the country during the failed coup attempt in November 3, 1988 – while reiterating India’s strong commitment towards the prosperity, stability, and security of the Maldives.

India was the first to respond during the attack on the capital Malé by deploying 1500 paratroopers and 3 warships after a distress call from the then President Maumoon Abdulla Gayoom asking for assistance from India, UK, and the USA.