Australia issues travel warning for the Maldives

The Australian government has issued a travel warning to Australians travelling to the Maldives, reports Miadhu.

The warning was first classified as level 3, meaning “high degree of caution.” It has now been downgraded to level 4, “exercise caution.”

Australia has warned its citizens to be careful of crime and civil unrest in the Maldives, and has suggested travellers to keep informed of the news about possible safety risks.

Australian citizens have also been warned to avoid public gatherings and demonstrations as they could turn violent.

Although the United States has not advised its citizens not to travel to the Maldives, the US embassy to the Maldives does warn its nationals not to engage in political activities in the Maldives.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Naseem, told Miadhu that such travel advisories will affect the tourism industry in the Maldives and added the Australian government had not consulted with the Maldivian government before issuing the warning.


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  1. Its already happening. I feared this day was coming. Soon more countries may follow. The crime rate in Male' is a great concern to the people and our delicate tourism. If they consult you will hide and say nothing is happening. Goverment should take local issues seriousely while our president is busy with external matters.


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