President Nasheed focusing on development projects, not local politics

On his return from Bhutan and China, President Mohamed Nasheed said Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s recent criticisms, and individual parties regrouping as a strong opposition, did not concern him, reports Miadhu.

President Nasheed said his main concern at the moment are the development projects for the country, some of which could begin soon, he said.

The president added that the Chinese government will donate US$210 million to the Maldives, US$10 million of which will be grant assistance.

He said China would work on increasing the number of Chinese tourists to the Maldives, as well as assisting in improving the medical sector and deliver more scholarships for Maldivian students.


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  1. Thanks Nasheed Boss. Forget all this crap and concentrate on development projects. Then all these guys will auto shut up.


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