Azima appointed special advisor to President Waheed

Less than one week after being removed from her position as Attorney General, Azima Shukoor has been appointed as Special Advisor to President Dr Mohamed Waheed.

The Maldivian Democratic Party had filed a no-confidence motion against Azima, arguing that she had demeaned the constitution, parliamentary powers and the integrity of the Attorney General’s post by advocating against the Elections Commission in September’s vote annulment case.

The appointment comes despite President Waheed’s term being constitutionally scheduled to end in just seven days. Whilst the Supreme Court has suggested he could legally continue in his role until a replacement is selected, the Majlis passed a motion last week providing for the speaker of the house to take over during any interim period.

Waheed himself has said that he does not wish to stay in office past the November 11 deadline. The re-scheduled election is due to take place this Saturday (November 9).


3 thoughts on “Azima appointed special advisor to President Waheed”

  1. Waheed and Azima will keep sucking the last bit of money out of the people of Maldives. Just like parasites.

  2. This has been the recurring theme.

    Why can't the Maldivian - politicians cut these failed ones free? The Presidents act as though these nincompoops are babies and thus have a moral obligation to powder them for life!

    That was the downfall of all three recent presidents. They all had to pamper their selected associates, even though most fail to deliver. As a result you are burdened with idiots and a very large lethargic government.

    Be brave. Have the guts to cut loose failures. Politics is not all nice and about power. There are dark sides and when you have to make a decision to let go, make it fast.

  3. Yet another mockery at the people to who this woman had wronged!
    Waheed is slapping us for not giving our votes to him!


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