Week in review: September 13-21

Following a full week of hearings into the Jumhooree Party’s election complaints, the High Court granted the party’s request to view the offending register – under supervision- though the party is still seeking greater access in order to prove its claims regarding fraudulent voters. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court accepted to hear the JP’s case seeking to annul the first round altogether.

After hearing the claims of former Attorney General – and vice-presidential candidate – Dr Hassan Saeed, which included deceased, repeated, and fake voters, the court ordered that the Elections Commission (EC) hand over the voter registry for inspection. Repeated calls to respect the outcome of the election from across the international community failed to impress Dr Saeed.

Maintaining that all allegations are without merit, the EC continued to prepare for the upcoming second round – scheduled for September 28 – officially announcing the first round results despite the JP’s attempts to delay.

The barrage of criticism, particularly from Gasim’s own Villa Television (VTV), led the EC to warn the Majlis that national security could be damaged by “unfounded claims of corruption”.

The national broadcasting commission began looking into VTV’s reporting of unsubstantiated content this week, whilst the police finished looking into the content of the EC’s rubbish, finding no incriminating documents.

Further protests against the EC have been promised by religious civil society groups. The conservative Jamiyathuh Salaf group singled out the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for criticism in a nationally televised sermon that resulted in broadcasting commission being called before the Majlis once more.

The police appeared to have been drawn into the dispute as an alleged police intelligence document emerged on social media, alleging “some opportunity for fraud” and “illegal voting”. The report was quickly disowned by the police and condemned by the MDP, who also called the Majlis to reconvene tomorrow (September 22) in order to stop “undue influence of political parties in the judiciary”.

Elsewhere in the country, the police in Addu City searched a number of homes as part of their election security operation, whilst fears over black magic persisted in Guraidhoo – the local council refusing use of the school for polling.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s Gaumee Ittihad Party (GIP) followed its former coalition partner – the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) in choosing a candidate to back in the endangered run-off. Waheed’s party chose to support the Progressive Party of Maldives’ candidate in round two, whilst the DRP leaders were paraded before MDP supporters following last week’s decision to lend support to former President Mohamed Nasheed in the race – a decision that resulted in the sacking of DRP minister Ali Shareef.

Nasheed visited the house of JP leader Gasim on Thursday though the JP insisted no decisions on future alliances would be made before the courts have finished their work. When addressing a youth forum earlier in the week, Nasheed had expressed confidence that Maldivian democracy could withstand a handful of coups and rigged elections.

Disabled Maldivians demonstrated this week against the impending closure of the country’s only school catering to those with special needs, whilst the pervasiveness of politics was revealed as deaf interpreter Shaheez Abdulla gave an account of his recent stabbing.

The ongoing case of former Civil Service Commission Chair saw his access to the commission as well as his salary revoked after Mohamed Fahmy Hassan had continued to come into his former workplace.

Finally, details were revealed of the government’s cancellation payments to forensic accountants Grant Thornton as well as the circumstances of Swedish nationa Filip Eugen Petre’s flight from the country following his acquittal of charges relating to the deaths of a British couple in 2011.


3 thoughts on “Week in review: September 13-21”

  1. Maldivian politics has become a joke, not only domestically, but internationally too. We have become a laughing stock as w e all politicians tend to behave more than just irresponsible, illustrate with stone age mentality!!!

    I care less what the opposition say, but I am extremely ANGRY, at President Nasheed of whom I have voted for and supported. MDP was in a clear path to win independently without the support of leaders of DRP, or crooks and double face cons like Munavaru, Adam Manik and the rest.

    Dear Anni,
    You have lowered yourself and is making MDP look desperate to win by sacrificing our goals, aspirations for change by taking back and embracing people who MOCKED you, people who tarnished your reputation, people who shit on your dinner plate and people who were the ring leaders of the coup.
    Never forget, of the 95000 people who voted for you, 90% cannot make ends meet, suffering to pay bills, educate their kids or wonder if at all there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have stood behind you in good as well as violent times. We have lost lives, we have lost jobs, we have lost our future hoping YOU will turn the clock and lead us.

    It pains to read and hear your praises of GASIM, who is no different than the goons that dragged you on the streets, who publicly cut you in half and created the chaos the country is facing today. I am scared you might as well embrace RIYAZ, NAZIM and the judiciary terrorists who are actually ruling the country.

    Mandela formed something called 'reconciliation committee' which worked and brought peace and prosperity to South Africa. WHY? because those who committed crime and atrocities publicly admitted and asked for forgiveness. That is democracy, that is humanity and the only way to go forward.

    STOP STOP making unnecessary speeches praising or welcoming people WE the public, WE MDP life members cannot share a cup of tea with because of what they have done to us, to the country. You may be the MDP candidate, but NEVER forget, we the public decide what goes in the ballot box. Gayoom killed so many and see how many people forgot that and follow him like he is god?

    I will support you, I will always be an MDP loyal member but it pains and hurts to see the recent developments. Without these fake double standard rich filthy people you now call family friends, we will WIN the second round with flying colors.

    Until such people publicly apologize and ask for forgiveness, we will never rest and we will never forgive. Never should you put them in any public office after what they did to us. Do that and me and many others will withdraw our support. This is not a joke!

  2. Now now, Facts. Let the bad guys think they'll have reconciliation. This will make my supreme and final project a lot easier.

  3. @ Facts

    The fact 🙂 is President Nasheed knows the facts on the ground that he and his Cabal engineered - that he did NOT get 95,000 votes and did not get his promised Ehburun. He said only a MIRACLE would stop him winning Ehburun.

    The Miracle occurred and he lost. NO EHBURUN.

    So to get close to 51% he has no choice but to lick the boots of the time tested & failed DRP under Chass& Rox. Add to the insult now he is seen to hound Hon Gassims residence. On his 3rd attempt Hon Gassim gave the desperate Nasheed an ordinance.

    So probably now on paper he has with DRP n JP a 50%? Time will tell. Whilst you still dream the realist in Nasheed pushes him to bend to DRP n now JP.

    By any standards a tragic end to 3rd rate man a 3rd rate party. Forgive me for my bluntness.


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