Beckhams still in the Maldives: Haveeru

Football superstar David Beckham and his family are still in the Maldives, despite claims the family had cut short their holiday due to bad weather, local newspaper Haveeru has reported.

“The Beckhams have cut short their £250,000 Christmas break in paradise in the Maldives – because it would not stop raining,” UK-based newspaper, The Sun reported on Saturday (December 29).

According to Haveeru, an official source within Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) and an official from the company operating the Reethi Rah Resort confirmed to the newspaper that the Beckhams were still in the country.

“The reports that he [Beckham] had left is a blatant lie. He is still in the resort. The weather there is also quite good,” an anonymous official told Haveeru.

The Beckhams were reported to have booked the “priciest” suite available at the One and Only Reethi Rah resort, costing £8,600 (MVR 213,892) a night. The Sun newspaper also stated that the family had booked three more suites, each costing £3,7000 (MVR 92,015) a night.

Senior tourism figures have previously welcomed unconfirmed reports that Beckham was in the Maldives with his family, claiming such a high profile figure creates significant publicity for the destination following well publicised unrest earlier this year.


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  1. this bad publicity was created by Nasheed and his friends .

    Nasheed and his friends will do anything to damage our economy with the hope of that this will help them to topple the government.

    But from his inside he must have two objectives and one to topple and the second one to make people go suffer .

    Once people will start to suffer badly, he thinks that people will have no choice but to extend thier arms towards him for help.

    Then he thinks that he can start to win the hearts and minds of people


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