Police uncover weapons, drugs and money in Addu City house search

Police have said that sharp weapons, drugs and a large sum of money were discovered by its officers in a search of a home in Addu City suspected of being linked to gang activities.

In a statement, the Maldives Police Service has said that a 46 year-old man was arrested in connection with the search, which was conducted by Addu City Hithadhoo Police Station.

According to the police statement, officers discovered two bayonet knives on the property; one inside a cupboard in the house and another outside the building.

MVR70,500 was also found discovered inside a cupboard in the house, while a can containing illegal drugs was uncovered buried outside the house.

Rubber packets used to distribute and sell illegal drugs were also found inside the premises, according to police.


3 thoughts on “Police uncover weapons, drugs and money in Addu City house search”

  1. Tell me again, what really happens to the culprits that you capture?

    Do they go free?

    Just asking you know, i see these messages that you capture a lot of stuff and thugs, but it just seems endless...

  2. November 1987 to 2008, the practice was; bring in through main entrance, conduct a thorough check up.
    If cleared with a thumbs up - exit through the back door!
    Those who do not match the required DNA - end up in jail until how DNA should be working is understood!
    If at all the person can understand how his DNA should be working, he can be also exited through the back door!
    With the same set up in place; wonder if anything else can be expected or practiced!

  3. two bayonets ...so what? This guy is a shark hunter and not a criminal like the police and media are portraying....police are locos.


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