Bridge needed between Male’ and Hulhumale’, says President

President Mohamed Nasheed has said it is necessary for the government to built a bridge connecting the islands of Male’ and Hulhumale’ to improve transportation and development on both islands. This statement was made after the President presented documents of guarantee to flat recipients in Hulhumale’, as provided by the Veshi Fahi Male’ de-congestion program.

The President said a ferry system was insufficient to accommodate the growing populations on both islands.

The Veshi Fahi Male’ housing project is expected to add 10,000 flats to Hulhumale’. 8,000 flats are currently being constructed.

2500 flats were said to be built under Phase 2 of the Gulhifalhu development project, which is set to begin next month, reported the President’s Office.


3 thoughts on “Bridge needed between Male’ and Hulhumale’, says President”

  1. What an eye-sore this would be to the Maldives. It would make life a lot easier but is it really needed... especially with efficient water taxi service? The cost of this project would be MASSIVE! Would it be worth it?

  2. There is absolutely no need for a bridge between Male' and Hulhumale'. It would be a complete waste of resources and will only add to the growing traffic problems in this country with some people driving around like they are the only people using the streets! The ferry service in place is already a thousand times more efficient than what is available in the atolls! If we need a bridge here, then there would be a greater need for bridges between some of the islands in the atolls!


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