Car flips in Addu City accident, none injured

A car lost control and flipped over while traveling at high speed in Hithadhoo, Addu City today (May 27), reports local media.

The accident occurred near the Hithadhoo harbor at approximately 9am when the car’s driver attempted to overtake a motorcycle, police told local media.

The drivers of both the car and motorcycle were not injured, however the car sustained “a number of damages”, according to police.


3 thoughts on “Car flips in Addu City accident, none injured”

  1. Another reason for mullarization. The mullahs will take this as a warning from Holy Allah - do no race in kaafir cars, instead import Hijazi camels for travel. Or flying donkeys.

  2. @Homosexual on Mon, 27th May 2013 10:32 PM

    Why is so difficult to accept that in the hot scorching deserts of Arabia, when you have viral fever, you invariably go into shock and suffer from hallucinations.

    The flying donkey vision is a hallucination.

    The Arabs made up for the stupidity of their ancestors by making good on their revenue streams with continued efforts to lead the idiots of modern times!

  3. Andreas, If the former Attorney General reads your comment he'll send the CPVPV to execute you just like Mohammad Takurufaan executed your namesake.

    The Arabs imperialists were cunning conmen and their Dhivehistani minions have learnt the trade well. Stories of the cracking moon, eavesdropping genies and angelic cavalry are as real to Dhivehistanis as the fish they catch. After years of being acculturized into barbaric Arab customs, these brown descendants of South Asian Buddhists are now convinced that they are the flag bearers of some Hijazi army destined to rule the world. And while Dhivehistanis go on suicide missions and killing sprees, the mullahs laugh all the way to the bank as they reap the benefit of their brainwashing campaign.


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