Recent wheat flour imports contain gravel, worms, and lice: FDA

The Maldives Food and Drug Authority (FDA) issued a food alert today (May 27) warning that recent imports of wheat flour contain gravel, worms, and lice, reports local media.

The FDA also advised local retailers to refrain from selling contaminated wheat flour stock.

The agency has received a “number of complaints” that stones and sand were found in recently sold wheat flour.

The FDA is currently conducting tests of wheat flour storage facilities in Male’, and thus far they have determined shipment number 4500003103, produced in March 2013 and set to expire on September 2013, did not contain any of the suspected contaminants.


One thought on “Recent wheat flour imports contain gravel, worms, and lice: FDA”

  1. Clearly a plague from Holy Allah on the Dhivehistanis for not being observant enough. He sent floods, locusts, frogs, lice and blood as signs to the Egyptians. This gravel is an obvious sign that a shower of fire and brimstone is in the near future for Dhivehistan - unless they immediately start chopping hands and beheading apostates.


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