Child molester handed 18 year jail term

The Fuvahmulah island court has sentenced Ahmed Nadheer, 33, to 18 years in jail for sexually abusing two girls.

Nadheer was charged under the Child Sexual Abuse Act with the crime of sexually abusing the two girls while in a position of authority on multiple counts between May 2012 and February 2013.

He confessed to the charges at court. He was convicted on February 5.

The Maldives Police Services said Nadheer has previously been convicted of assault on two occasions.


2 thoughts on “Child molester handed 18 year jail term”

  1. Why international community and Nasheed and his allies do not see these things happening in this country.

    Why they only stalk about few issues and why they don't bothered to give any credit to the kind of punishment that are given in these kind of situation.

    It is simple and they only want advocate for the religious freedom and then use it as tool infiltrate into our society .

  2. What Hero doesnt know is that religious freedom is allowed in Islam.

    And Hero's religion legalizes rape.


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