Fuvahmulah couple the latest to travel to ISIS territory for jihad

A couple from Fuvahmulah are reported to be the latest Maldivians to have left the country in order to wage jihad in Syria.

Local media has reported that Ahmed Munsih and his wife Suma Ali told family last night that they were already in Syria and that they would not be returning.

The news follows reports last week that four members of the same family, from Raa Atoll Meedhoo, had travelled to ISIS held territory –  currently comprising large swathes of Syria and Iraq.

Police Commissioner Hussain Waheed told Haveeru that efforts were underway to discourage those wishing to travel for jihad.

In September, an online jihadist group Bilad Al Sham Media – believed to be based in Syria and the Maldives – claimed that a total of four Maldivian men had now been killed while fighting in the Syrian civil war.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has claimed that up to 200 Maldivians are on jihad, telling international media that ex-security servicemen were often among those travelling to fight abroad.

“Radical Islam is getting very, very strong in the Maldives. Their strength in the military and in the police is very significant,” the opposition leader told the UK’s Independent newspaper last month.

On September 5, a protest march took took place in Malé with participants bearing the Islamic State’s flag calling for the implementation of Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

‘We want the laws of the Quran, not the green book [Maldivian constitution]‘, ‘Islam will eradicate secularism’, ‘No democracy, we want just Islam’, and ‘Shariah will dominate the world’, read some of the placards carried by protesters.

The UK government last week said it was aware of ISIS sympathisers in the Maldives, and that it will continue to “engage” with the government regarding religious moderation.

In late August, Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon condemned “the crimes committed against innocent civilians by the organisation which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

Dunya’s remarks followed Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed’s declaration that the ISIS would not be allowed to operate in the Maldives.

“ISIS is an extremist group. No space will be given for their ideology and activities in the Maldives,” Shaheem tweeted on August 24.

Intelligence service provider ‘The Soufan Group’ has estimated that as many as 12,000 fighters from at least 81 countries have joined civil war in Syria


16 thoughts on “Fuvahmulah couple the latest to travel to ISIS territory for jihad”

  1. Let all Islamic extremists and salafists migrate to Syria.

    And let all liberal extremists and drug addicts migrate to Bangkok... or Australia.

    Maldives would safe when these two groups are out.

  2. Lets hope they throw away their Maldivian passport once they enter the Caliphate

  3. As long as youngsters are taught to see non-Muslims as sub-human, you'll see a continuous stream of "jihadis" emerge.

    With the introduction of more Arabic medium schools, this trend will accelerate further.

    I wonder whether these jihadis actually give any thought to where they are going and what they are actually doing. ISIS, IS or ISIL is largely funded from proceeds of oil production. The irony is, if these jihadis stick to their version of "Islam" and study Quran all day, there won't be any means to get that oil out of the ground. The Caliphate would come to a rather abrupt end then!

  4. @ali: Actually, no. The 'caliphate' prefers to steal the oil that belongs to the people of Syria and Iraq.

    Note the 'areas' taken over, and overlay it with oil pipelines and pumping stations in the area and you'll get a good match.

    Yeah, they basically slash the pipes and sell it to corrupt dictators who wouldn't get the black devil oil otherwise and make a good chunk of change off it.

    They are invasive parasites, nothing more.

  5. Why try to stop them from going to IS territory? Facilitate their emigration, but block them from ever coming back.

  6. Correctly stated previously schooling is not directed to facilitate the largest industry, tourism, and as the country’s school levers is not employable in any industry. One of the alternatives is to leave the country and presumably Isis is the closest to many of the school levers ideology.

  7. The man who had gone on this mission was a guy who had tried kill a man in this country and the guy had good amount of criminal records.

    This is why I am saying that these activities were carried out by Nasheed and Nadhees is the man who promoting these activities in the country to show that we have ISIS recruiting units.

  8. The education system is pretty sad & the youngsters that are being churned out today have very poor values- no loyalty, prone to lying, no ambition. Easily swayed by smooth talks.
    It is the elderly that is the bedrock of all that is good in our country.
    Happy with an easy life.

  9. @willy!
    Absolutely right. Anywhere in the world people who instigate violence n crimes are illetrate. Though they can read and write, they understand nothing n lack the sense to differentiate facts from fiction. According to escapees IS pays $2000 plus a virgin girl...and a ticket to heaven

  10. Hero
    we are appalled by ignorance,you dimwit.Nasheed is the one who left for jiahd from Foahmulah.He just changed his name.I wonder y such an intellectual like you missed such obvious facts.He changed his name

  11. Not long ago Maldives sent one of its most senior and also one of its most educated leaders, Mohamed Waheed Didi, to address the General Assembly of the United Nations. The theme on which he addressed the General Assembly was, according to Minivannews reports, Islam and nothing but Islam.

    Islamic State, declared our dear leader, Waheed Didi, is too great and too noble to be affiliated to the nasty Islamic State organisation. The leaders of the world gave a resounding clap and our dear leader Waheed sat down having brought much popularity to himself in his dearly beloved home country.

    Dear fellow-citizens and readers of Minivannews. I have news to tell you. All academic research leads to the uncomfortable conclusion that extremist organisations like the Islamic State are key products of the Muslim societies and cultures that we are very familiar with.

    I am talking about countries like Maldives and Saudi Arabia. These countries give birth to and sustain extremist idiologies like IS.

    But my good friend and my dear leader, Waheed Didi, does not know this. He certainly did not mention it. Mr Waheed is in need of what Finns call further education. Let him call a spade a spade. He has not done that yet.

    Another good friend of mine, His Excellency the President Yameen went on a month-long pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina leaving all worldy matters and affairs of State to his Mr Who? the elder Brother to look after.

    For your information, surrounded as I am by pagans and kafirs, presidents and prime ministers in this part of the world do not go on pilgrimage and their sins are not forgiven unlike those of Yameen.

    By virtue of his pilgrimage, Yameen's popularity and prestige rose in the nativeland a thousandfold, and Gallop tells me that a second term in office is now a foregone conclusion for Mr Yameen.

    To be blunt and to make a long story short, we Maldivians are nice, cultured, educated and above all God-fearing creatures. We have no crime on our streets, and we have no corruption. Our country is a model of good government too.

    The secret of all this? I do not need to tell you. Of course, you know it. We are Muslims and good Muslims too. That is it.

  12. Hero

    I just love Micheal fahmys comment.It really does portray Maldivians in a humorous way

  13. Going off on jihad to fight a holy war, that is none of your business, in a foreign country where the people can't stand the sight of you, is typical of Muslims these days. This jihad virus is spreading faster than ebola.
    We Hindus certainly wouldn't do anything as stupid as this. Is it because we don't have a culture of religious brainwashing by semi literate 'religious scholars'?
    For higher studies go to Kabul.
    For medical treatment go to Karachi.

  14. @Michael Fahmy
    It’s quite obvious you have seen other parts of our globe and can see your home land with wide angle.
    Yes it’s strange how illusions and tails of old traditions can control the minds and life for generations, but to be able to hold it up they have to keep children away from any outside impulses Specialty in small societies like the Amish , Jehovah, Hara, Scientology, and different Islamic believes. But they have one thing in commend, they all shall believe, what they believe is the only right and nothing ells should exist, again the only one. What the extremists have managed is to add some extra notes from old history to legalize hate and kill. But is as you say mr Fhamy, Islamic State are key products of the Muslim societies and cultures that you are so familiar with

  15. @miss india ur guys ar more stupid then them bcuz ur follwing a rilGeon withg thousand of gods have u seen a country with more than one leader.egg shaped indian


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