China gifts 200 waste bins to environment ministry

The Chinese government today gifted 200 waste bins worth MVR500,000 (US$32,425) to the Maldivian government, during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Deputy Head of Commission at the Chinese Embassy in Maldives, Mr Liu Ching signed the contract on behalf of the Chinese government, while Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Ali Amir signed for the Maldives.

Mr Liu highlighted the importance of keeping the environment clean and safe for the many tourists visiting the Maldives – of which around a third now come from China.

Malé City Council introduced litter bins to the capital for the first time this year, placing 200 around the city as part of new waste management regulations which impose a MVR100 (US$6.5) fine for littering.

Liu today said that he was keen to sustain the relationship between the two nations, whose bilateral ties have been expanding rapidly over the past two years.

As well as a steady stream of grant aid, the Chinese and Maldivian governments have penned deals regarding military aid and the development of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

As well as urging the Maldives to become part of its New Silk Road initiative, the Chinese government has promised to “favorably consider” financing the ambitious Malé-Hulhulé bridge project.


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  1. Sounds like someone has taking a nice slice of corruption from China. Very expensive waste bins, what are they made from........Gold?


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