Chinese survey says Maldives fifth most popular destination

The Maldives is China’s fifth most popular overseas destination according to the 2014 Global Times Annual Survey.

The survey carried out by the Chinese newspaper showed that the Maldives was behind Switzerland, Japan, France, Hungary in a top ten which also included Thailand, Spain, UAE, Sweden, and New Zealand.

Data used for the compilation of the survey includes Chinese tourists visits, duration of stay, international awards, a survey of experts, online voting, and public opinion monitoring through social media to rank the top countries.

The award was received by the Maldives Ambassador to China Mohamed Faisal at the Global Times Billboard Awards Ceremony on Sunday.

Faisal also participated in the closed door session of the Tourism and Culture Forum organised by the paper as a guest speaker, said a Maldives foreign ministry press release

“The Forum focused on cultural tourism development in China and how international experience can be used to enhanced Chinese cultural tourism products,” explained the ministry

“Ambassador Faisal in his presentation, highlighted how Maldives tourism package culture as a lived experience for tourists and how Maldivian tourism industry is positioning itself to cater for the Chinese tourist.”

China’s share of the Maldives’ tourism industry continued its rapid growth last year, contributing 363,000 of the 1.2 million visitors – a year on year rise of 9.6 percent.