China opens embassy in Male’

China established a full diplomatic mission to the Maldives yesterday with the opening of its embassy in the capital Male’.

“They (the Chinese) wanted to open the embassy before the [SAARC] summit,” Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem told AFP.

“Indian officials have expressed fears that this is part of a Chinese policy to throw a ‘string of pearls’ – or a circle of influence – around India,” the AFP reported.


One thought on “China opens embassy in Male’”

  1. Maldivians have been pretty good in managing their foreign relations throughout the ages.

    I hope this good record in foreign relations will continue.

    Maldivians do not regard themselves as Indians.

    Relationship between China and Maldives has always been good.

    China may be showing political and cultural ambition.

    Maldives may be flattered.

    The opening of Chinese Embassy in Male can be mutually beneficial to China and Maldives.

    There is nothing for India to worry about. Maldives is a friend of India.


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