Chinese ambassador assures assistance for police

Chinese ambassador to the Maldives, Wang Fukang, has assured assistance from the Chinese government to the Maldives Police Service.

In a meeting on Monday night with 20 police officers selected for a 20-day training programme in China, the ambassador said several training programmes for Maldivian police officers will be arranged in China.

The present trip is the second programme carried out under the ‘seminar for police officers of the Maldives’.

The training programmes were agreed upon during Chinese president Xi Jinping’s state visit to the Maldives last year, he said, adding that the close relations between the Maldives and China is friendly and strong.

He noted that China has also provided 150 motorcycles to police.

Police commissioner Hussain Waheed meanwhile thanked the ambassador for Chinese assistance, which he said is easing police efforts to ensure public order and security.

The 20 senior officers meanwhile departed yesterday for the 20-day conference at the Yunan police officers academy, during which they will be provided information about police leadership, management, combat and command.

The police officers will also visit various police stations in China and attend information sessions.

A police team visited China last year for a similar seminar and training programme.


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    I wonder where the 'dheenattakaa gaumattakaa' baigandu are. Has anyone seen them? Hello???? 😛

  2. Welcome to the Maldives a Specialized Authenticity of CHINA

  3. Doesn't this say it all?What more do people have to see to be convinced that we have traded our freedom for enslavement , thinking it was of economic benefit to us? That eventual trickle down effect even if it happens will be at great cost to our collective conscience. We have traded in our future - for what?


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