Students protest lack of chemistry teacher at school

Students at Haa Alif Dhihdhoo atoll education center are protesting over the fact that there has been no chemistry teacher at the school for over 150 days, reports media.

CNM reported that the school had had no chemistry teacher since from September last year and that the students were being prepared for the O’Level examinations by a private individual.

As there has been no chemistry teachers since the academic year started three weeks ago, the school has not been able to have chemistry lessons.

According to CNM, the students have started displaying placards at various parts of the island displaying their outrage while also demanding that the education ministry to provide a chemistry teacher.

One such placard read that: ‘Even though the education ministry has said that there all teacher posts at the schools filled, it has been eight months since there has been no chemistry teacher at the school. Grade 10 students deserve all the support they could get. Do not lie Education Minister.’