Christchurch College at Oxford University to offer environmental studies scholarship to Maldivians

The Maldives High Commission in the UK has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Christchurch College at the University of Oxford to provide an annual scholarship for a Maldivian student.

The co-funded scholarship will be for one student to undertake postgraduate study in the field of Environmental Sciences, who would otherwise be unable to afford an Oxford education, with a place at Christchurch College.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry noted that the scholarship “was initially discussed during President Nasheed’s visit to Oxford University in December 2010 and has now materialised into a wonderful opportunity for outstanding Maldivian students.”

“The scholarship will encourage Maldivians to study in the field of Environmental Sciences with a view to enhancing the Maldives’ capacity to manage the specific threats the country faces
from climate change. On completion of their studies the scholars will return to the Maldives with exceptional expertise in this field.”

The formal MOU with was signed at High Commission in London by High Commissioner Farahanaz Faizal, and Simon Offen, Vice President Christchurch Association and
Deputy Development Director.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dr Faizal said “this a momentous day for the Maldives as it represents a valuable opportunity for young Maldivians to gain access to a world leading institution, shaping the great minds of tomorrow.”


2 thoughts on “Christchurch College at Oxford University to offer environmental studies scholarship to Maldivians”

  1. In many countries which use surnames its alright to call Dr. so and so with the surname. But we Maldivians know that except on rare cases Maldivians do not have real surname. Sometimes father's name are given to son or daughter as second name and it changes in every generation, without making a particular name as a surname. And it would be rude or stupid to call a Maldivian woman with her father's name in Maldivian culture. Now since Minivan news operates in Maldives, to me to read "Dr. Faizal" is strange. I believe she would have liked to call her Dr. Farahanaz. Even for medical doctors if you look at igmh you will see first names of women (when their second name is father's name) is used after Dr. Maldives has a small population, but that does not mean our system is inferior and we need to adopt other systems in ourselves. It was recent when Mininvan news put that some international agreement was signed by Maldives for promotion of non tangible cutlural things.

  2. @mohamed

    there used to be a surname system in the Maldives where the household would be called by the family name. Anyone who belongs to that household would carry the household in similar manner as a surname is used. Well this was the case at-least in the upper class families

    This system was with only Arabic and Farsi name approval policy slowly eroded out of existence


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