“Make use of historic moment”, Adhaalath Party urges President Nasheed

Adhaalalth Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla has joined opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali in sending a letter to President Mohamed Nasheed asking him to push for an independent Palestinian state at the UN Human Rights Council.

In the letter Sheikh Imran tells the President to assist the Muslim community in their efforts to make Palestine an independent state and a full member of the UN, and to make good use of the historic moment that came in the time of President Nasheed and vote in favor of Palestine.

Sheikh Imran urged the President to do this for the rights of the citizens of Palestine who have “lived in grief for 63 years, who have been pushed away from their own land and have suffered so muchh catastrophe.’’

Meanwhile, the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has also issued a statement saying that the party supports Palestine becoming an independent state, and thanked the government and foreign ministry for the work they are contributing to resolve the issue.

“The MDP would like to note, with gratitude, that one of the key objective of the Maldives foreign policy was to assist Palestinian citizens and to further the recognition of Palestine as an independent state,’’ the statement issued by the MDP Secretariat said.

The party said that the government had spoken in favor of Palestine at the UN Human Rights Council and that the party was proud of it.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry has stated that the Maldives strongly supports UN recognition of Palestinian statehood, with Naseem advocating the position before the UN Human Rights Council following the announcement by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he will apply to the UN Security Council for full UN membership.

“Let us be clear, the Palestinian people have, like everyone else, the right to self-determination – the right to a state of their own. They have waited long enough for that most basic of rights. When the Palestinians present their case to the UN, the Maldives will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and we call on all others to do likewise,’’ Naseem told the UN Human Rights Council.

Naseem has said the Maldives does not believe that UN recognition of Palestinian statehood will narrow the chances of a negotiated peace.


12 thoughts on ““Make use of historic moment”, Adhaalath Party urges President Nasheed”

  1. What an imbecile! Maldives has always officially and publicly said that they support the Statehood for Palestine and would vote for this in all forums.

    Furthermore at least get some perspective of International Affairs first. The Palestinian Statehood application is not going to be put forward to the UN Human Rights Council but to the Security Council of which Maldives is not a member and cannot vote on it unless the Palestinians themselves put the same application in front of the UN General Assembly.

    All these people are trying to jump on the Palestine Bandwagon. Don't they have any shame?
    Now they would claim that it is only because they forced the Government that Maldives voted for Palestine at the UN General Assembly if it comes to that.

  2. Hey!

    Me too! Me too!

    I request, nay DEMAND, that the Maldives vote in favour of Palestine statehood.

    Never mind that the Foreign Ministry has long ago made clear its stand on this.

    I'll still do all I can to take credit for this. Votes are at stake here, dammit.

  3. These guys are coalition partners! They are in the government! Why don't you guys just say that you support the government's position on this issue?!!?

    You are not Thasmeen, who needs to appeal to his opposition demographic! You are a part of this administration! Not everything has to be you guys brow beating the government into something!

    And it is insulting that this statement implies that anything else might have happened!

  4. The opposition should ask the government how would they treat those countries who vote against this statehood bid of Palestine? The US will offcourse as usual veto the statehood bid in the Security Council. Will the Maldives government relations with US and the secret relations with Israel stop after this statehood bid? These are the questions which need to be answered for now.

  5. Current foreign ministry is very easily tilled towards the Americans position. All they need is one phone call from the white house and they will bow down in return for money.

    Even the US has said they will veto any Palestinian bid for its own state. President needs to bypass his foreign ministry on this one.

  6. That's why we always say that Aadhaalath, DRP and the opposition are 1000 steps behind. This government has already decided to support Palestine in their statehood and will be the co-partner in advocating the issue.

    Some day you will know who encouraged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to push for statehood. We may be a small nation but we have a great president who sees the bigger picture for our nation as as the whole world. The opposition has to either lag behind or suck it up.

  7. Imbeciles, Imram and the Mullahs should have asked the Maldivian government to cut off diplomatic ties with countries who voted against Palestinians in UN general assembly. This could have been more original.
    All concerned parties know that our policy is to support Palestinians ever since we got independence from United Kingdom.

  8. I'd rather Adhaalath send many more Maldivians to the cause of "Jihaadh & Shaheed" to libertate palestine ... F*** the vote ... go for Jihaadh Shaheed ... embrace suicide bombng and if you are too weak at least participate in the stone throwing

  9. Bang**** close all doors for peaceful negotiations with Israel and help the Palestinian live in fear and insecurity for the next 50 years ....

  10. President Obama has been portayed recently as more Jewish than the Jews.

    Support for Israel internally among the US lawmakers has made many commentators to believe that USA itself is more Jewish than Israel itself.

    Jews are white people and they are doing very well in USA and Europe.

    What is left to be done is only this: declare USA a Jewish state, and Israel a constituent part of the United States of America.

    My heart goes out to the Palestinians. As a colonial power, Israel has shown itself to be worse than any former colonialist country in Europe: e.g. France and Britain.

    Palestinians are not white. They are not part of the First World.

    Maldives should be with Palestine. That would be natural and logical.

    Some Jews portay themselves as the only people who have suffered. This is a lie.

    Moreover, Israel has shown that when Jews have power, they can be as bad as others, and even worse.

    Christian teaching says that we are all sinners, and that we all need reconciliation and forgiveness. It also says that we cannot attain perfection by our own efforts, however great we are.

    Even the USA needs others. They need Arabs and Muslims too. We live in a world situation, as seen this week in the UN, that the game now is USA vs. the Rest of the World.

    Who is the referee, and what the endgame result?

    We have to wait and see.

  11. I win my bet.

    I knew this incident would have the political prostitute adhaalath parteys scurrying for a new client.

    Now, lemme go and collect my innings.


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