Clean Energy Viable and Better for Security: President Nasheed

Low carbon development is both possible and economically viable, said President Nasheed in a speech at the “International Conference on Climate, Energy Environment: How to Build a New Global Deal” in Rome.

The climate issue must be understood as an economic, financial and security issue, he said. Climate change was a very real threat to humanity but there was “an organised scheme” in many developed countries against climate change.

Climate deniers were able to stop the momentum gained after Copenhagen, the President claimed, and the only way to regain the momentum was 60s style street action. “Soon after Copenhagen, sceptics started working,” he said.

“We have more than 16 islands where people have to be relocated, our fresh water is being contaminated… our ocean temperatures are rising and therefore our fish stocks are dwindling,” said the President.

The conference was organised by the Centre for American Progress, and the Institute of European Democrats and Sustainable Future Centre.