Nasheed returns from visiting ill father

Former President Mohamed Nasheed returned to Male’ around 10:30pm Thursday night following a trip to Bangkok where he was visiting his ill father, reports Sun Online.

Nasheed left the Maldives December 25, 2012 following multiple immigration delays to his departure to Thailand.

This included the withholding of his passport due to the ongoing trial against him in relation to the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdullah Mohamed while he was president, as well as a “technical error” at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport on December 21, local media reports.


2 thoughts on “Nasheed returns from visiting ill father”

  1. yes now time has come again to rock the nation.

    After having so peaceful 10 days, Nasheed will help the country to start rocking and mocking.

  2. You deserve all the mockery and rocks the world can throw at you, mody. Your kind started the war. Now suffer for it.


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