Commissioner of Police for Western Australia pays visit to the Maldives

Commissioner of Police for Western Australia Karl O’Callaghan is conducting an unofficial visit to the Maldives.

A police press statement released yesterday (January 12) said O’Callaghan was received at the airport by Deputy Police Commissioner Mohamed Sadhiq and former Deputy Police Commissioner (Rtd) Ibrahim Latheef – who also served as a special consultant at Western Australia Police.

Though O’Callaghan is on an unofficial visit, he is scheduled to meet the Commissioner of Police Hussein Waheed and other executive officers explained the statement.

In addition, O’Callaghan is also scheduled to meet top government officials and also participate in a special forum where he will meet with all employees working with the police.

In August last year, a scholarship opportunity from University of Western Sydney (UWS) was unveiled for promising Maldivian police officers to participate in a three-year doctoral research course which would enable candidates to increase the capacity of the Maldivian police.