Maldivian airlines to upgrade fleet

Maldives’ national carrier Maldivian has announced it will be expanding its operational fleet, with an Airbus A-321 due to arrive sometime this month, reports local media.

Speaking to Vaguthu, an official from the national carrier said that the new airliner will start its journey towards the Maldives on January 19, from Spain, adding that the plane will be able to make the journey in one day.

The official said that the Airbus will be capable of carrying 200 passengers and that the flight will be operated by Maldivian pilots and engineers.

The airplane will start operating flights into three new Chinese cities starting from next month, with the flight being projected to bring around 1000 tourists every week.

Source: Vaguthu


One thought on “Maldivian airlines to upgrade fleet”

  1. I will tell one problem with Maldivian organisations, one with Malidivan airways and one with Maldives Univeristy/ accreditation board, because all resemble similar thinking.

    Some months ago India required Maldivians who were going for medical treatment to India to have medical visa. A friend of me who was flying from Bangladesh to the airport he was asked why was traveling and he just casually said that he was going to take some medical treatment in India. Guess what? The Maldivian Airlines did not allow him to fly that day, saying that he must get a doctor's certificate/ medical visa. Maldivian airways was imposing what India required for Maldivians to a Bangladeshi who was flying from Dhaka. My friend who has traveled a lot to many countries, told me that it was the worst type service he ever saw on a flight. It is really embarassing...and I had to explain that probably they were imposting what they were required to do on Maldivians (but that was too much i think).

    Now my wife, someone from a country in South East Asia which was hit by tsunami. My wife has a dipoloma and the translated copy is stamped by Embassy in Sri Lanka. She just applied for a pastry course at the University which required something like grade 8 as entry qualification. But the University called her and asked her to accredit her diploma. We went to the Maldives Qualification Authority. They were telling me that before I can accredit her Diploma her certificate also need to be accredited. And they said unless she also submit her school certificate they cant accredit her diploma. Now listen, this is a country that was hit by tsunami badly. for whatever reason she does not have her school certificate. But she has her diploma was was awarded by her country's department of health, and translated copy is stamped by embassy. and the health ministry from her country has given her nurse license. is it not enough proof that she has education (which is not below grade 8).

    There are so many things like that in Maldives.


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