Construction of 250 new homes in Addu to begin next year

Construction work on 250 new flats is to begin at the start of next year, Addu City Council has revealed.

The first flats are to be built at the Hitadhoo Maakilhi area, and will be part of a bigger government housing project that will eventually see a total of 700 flats in the area.

Councillor Abdulla Thoyyib said that eight high ranking officials from the Chinese National Machinery and Equipment, Import and Export Corporation (CMEC), along with the Deputy Housing Minister, had visited Addu on a survey trip to gather information and explore the site location.

Thoyyib added that the CMEC has completed its initial assessment and finished preparations for the start of the project and CMEC has informed that machinery and equipment will be transported to Addu in January.

“We have designated the area for this purpose as the area is suitable to accommodate a large population and as the flats are populated, other services can be developed.” Thoyyib said speaking to Haveeru.

“They are also extremely happy with the location. Even if 250 flats are initially developed, the ministry has informed that the work on the rest of the flats will also follow. However we haven’t received any details of it yet,” he added.

Only 25 housing units out of 700 have been built so far by the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), despite the project being announced on April 22, 2009 during former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration.