Court extends detention of man accused of beating wife unconscious

Police have arrested a 33 year-old man charged with physically abusing his wife on Vilingili in Gaaf Alif Atoll, reports Haveeru, after the wife’s family reported the abuse.

The Vilingili magistrate court extended the detention of Ahmed Mueed by 15 days, while the woman has been hospitalised in Male.

Haveeru reported the victim’s brother as alleging that the woman was severely bruised and unable to speak properly, after Mueed beat her unconscious in front of their four year-old step daughter.


3 thoughts on “Court extends detention of man accused of beating wife unconscious”

  1. So? Disobedient women are to be beaten, says the mullahs. And it's good that he did it in front of the daughter. The daughter will now know not to defy the patriarchal authority of her father.

    Qurtubi says in his Tafsir: "Allah ordered that men begin by admonishing their wives as a first step, then abandonment, then beating if they refused to repent. This is because men are responsible to straighten their wives up. The beating mentioned in this verse has to do with the kind that is not severe and used for discipline. The kind that does not break the bone. However, it is not a crime if it leads to death. In the same manner a disciplinary will beat his son or student to teach him the Quran and manners. "

  2. @Homosexual
    Are you honest to your wife or partner (gay)? Why should men have the right to f...k around and expect women to keep their legs closed up?

    Rules or regulations made over thousands of years does not apply in 21st century my friend. Religion or culture, no one has a right to harm the other especially on domestic issues.

    Your kind are the people who are dragging Maldives back to the old stone age. The kind of freaks that give their wives sexually transmitted diseases!

  3. @ Realty
    Looks like you misunderstood the irony in @ Homosexuals entry???
    I think he would be the last holding the beating up ...


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