India needs Nasheed win in September: First Post

India may pat itself on the back as former President of Maldives Mohammed Nasheed has been confirmed as a candidate in the 7 September presidential elections by the Election Commission of Maldives, writes Rajeev Sharma for First Post.

Nasheed came calling in New Delhi this week on a two-pronged mission: (i) to thank his Indian friends without whose support he won’t have made it to the Presidential race; and (ii) to once again sensitise his Indian interlocutors to prevent “many a slip between the cup and the lip” kind of situation in his case.

Let’s be clear about Nasheed’s India mission.

He was here primarily centered on the ‘take’ part as he is not in a position to ‘give’ anything to India. His ‘give’ quotient, however, should not be underestimated as the first concrete deliverable he can give to India, particularly to the poll-bound UPA government, is to reverse the executive decision of the Maldives government to terminate the US$500 million GMR contract for the development and upgrade of the Male International Airport, the single largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Maldives ever got.

The GMR deal continues to be the single biggest obsession for the Congress-led UPA government, which if reversed, will inevitably yield the necessary electoral fire-power to the present Indian government. Such a development will allow the UPA government to tell the foreign policy-savvy electorate (though a small number) that Maldives is not lost to India!

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4 thoughts on “India needs Nasheed win in September: First Post”

  1. We all know that India want Nasheed back in power knowing that they can use him to "invade maldives economically" .

    This idiot is useless and India is well aware of the fact.

    But both Nasheed and India is living may be in a team world and Nasheed will get kicked out in the first round.

  2. Apart from MAG with his suckers and the current regime with its suckers, the rest of the Maldives and the neighbouring countries needs President Nasheed back in the seat for his vision, stability and performance!
    Insha Allah! The day is not very far!

  3. kuribee seems to be upset that Nasheed's short-lived government brought more freedom, opportunities and rights to the Maldivians than the 30 years of kuribee's paymasters.

    Hey kuribee, got any more films of your judiciary to share?

  4. Freedom from "thiyahen nukiyeyne agenda" and Freedom from Dispersing Protests against Nasheed. Freedom from Kidnapping Judges, and MPs.
    Yo, Maldivian Man. You are desperate enough.


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