Court hears Umar Naseer’s dismissal case

The Civil Court has concluded the first hearing of a suit filed against the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) by its former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer.

Naseer’s lawyer claimed that he was dismissed not according to the party’s charter and he had lost the support of many of the public due to the dismissal.

Meanwhile, DRP’s lawyer requested the court allow him to respond to the accusations in written form, a request the court granted.

The next hearing of the case is to be held on May 31.

Umar was dismissed by the Disciplinary Committee of the party after he was accused him of conducting protests without the authorisation of the party’s council.


3 thoughts on “Court hears Umar Naseer’s dismissal case”

  1. This man is mad.

    Now Maumoon also made coz of this guy.

  2. He cant stay any party, even when he run the party that also spoiled. and too much problems makes to other seniors. better he stay at home.

    He dont want to lissen other poeple, only he needs other poeple to lissen him.

    Umaraka Goidhoo nukura meehe. meehunna eknulava mee hunnaka party aku nu ulhevene.

  3. His lawyer also forgot to mention that there's a bounty on his head and that several youths with vendettas are hunting him now to avenge the deaths of their friends and family.


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