DRP files case against Z-faction for using its logo and name

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) led by Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has lodged a complaint with the Elections Commission (EC) alleging that the party’s Z-DRP faction, led by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, had misappropriated DRP’s name and logo to conduct unauthorised political activities, and requested the EC take action against the faction.

DRP Spokesperson Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef told Minivan News that the party’s real concern was not that the faction was using its logo and name, which DRP MP Nihan has claimed he designed and retained rights to.

‘’It is a much greater concern when people claiming to represent [the party’s] administration and claiming to work to protect the rule of law come out and start violating those laws,’’ said Shareef. ‘’If that is the case, the public might develop a habit of disrespecting the law, and the whole nation may be affected because of this.’’

Shareef explained that the public was “new to democracy” and the principles of it, and said that leaders needed to set an example.

‘’We might think this is very funny and that this is a joke,’’ he said. ‘’But it’s much more dangerous than we thought, and it has more concerns behind it.’’

Shareef said that all political parties should respect their charters and follow it, “for it is not Gayoom’s, Thasmeen’s or my idea.”

‘’Humans do not last forever, and neither does the person in the leadership position, but when people fade away there will be the charter left behind,’’ Shareef said. ‘’That is why people need to follow it, otherwise when the leader dies, the party will die with him.’’

Furthermore, Shareef said that if the country goes on moving in the same direction, “tomorrow one might take an oath and say ‘I am the president now, see I have more supporters than the current president, see all those people who come out for protests whenever I ask.’’’

MP with the Z-DRP faction Ahmed Mahlouf and Umar Naseer did not respond to Minivan News at time of press, while MP Ahmed Nihan was unavailable.


11 thoughts on “DRP files case against Z-faction for using its logo and name”

  1. It probably would be the joke of the century MAVOTA. Don't you get it.. no you haven't got it still. You will never get anything right. Anyway, ashamed to call myself DRP member.

  2. Please tell me, who actually has the biggest support, Z DRP or DRP? I know it has probaby been said and written and I should know but I've only now started following Maldives again for first time since last year so I missed it.

  3. Is it true Maumoon is going to join MDP? I will not be surprise if he does join and start blaming the 30 year government of his.

  4. Ben- I'd like to believe that I follow closely, but I don't even have a clue to exactly the number of MPs on both sides. As for peoples' support, you can never know.

    Can someone please enlighten us?

    How many for Thasmeen? How many for the Dear Leader?

  5. @Gi
    if Maumoon can redeem by signing to MDP, why not give the guy the chance.

    He could even agree to be a State Minister?

  6. All this happened because of Thasmeen's stubbornness. People like Thasmeen and Hassan Saeed cannot be in politics because they simply do not know how to play the game. They are beyond everyone and untouchable.

    Look at Dr. Shaheed for example. Despite the'janaazaa' thingy the MDP members have accepted him as someone of their own. Why? because he knows to be in tune with the pulse of the people. He is a politician.

    If Thasneem wanted to win DRP back he should'v at least given into the government. Remember the rule. Keep your friends close and enemy's closer. You can't have enemies in politics.

  7. If you really think about this the size of both the factions have been reduced to their families. Thasmeen family VS Muamoon family.

  8. This was bound to happen. Ultimately it will be Court that would decide who is real master of DRP. Lets see how neutral and responsible our Courts are.

  9. @maryamaa

    Thasmeen’s stubbornness? What he should have done Maryamaa? Leave the party? Can U elaborate.

  10. When Gayyoom comes in to the scene, everyone else must back out ... Thats Maldives and Gayyoom ..Be a proud Maldivian and join the screams .... Zindhaabaadh Maumoon ... Zindhaabadh ... Gayyooom ..

  11. which faction is more Z-fection or Chasmeen fection.

    Guys ! without Maumoon there's not DRP so who the hell is Chasmeen, in my view he's an arsol who doesn't have any experience of control a small fection.

    I call all DRP's supporters not vote Chasmeen on 2013 / i would rather vote to Anni.

    Hassan Seed i think he should leave this country. no body knows who's he he.


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