Disgraced CSC chief appointed Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia

President Abdulla Yameen has appointed disgraced Civil Service Commission head Mohamed Fahmy Hassan as the Maldives’ deputy high commissioner to Malaysia.

Fahmy was dismissed from his post by parliament last year, after he was found to have sexually harassed a female staff member at the Commission.

However Fahmy’s dismissal was blocked as “unconstitutional” in a sudden injunction issued by the Supreme Court, preventing President Mohamed Waheed from appointing Fahmy’s replacement, Fathimath Reeni Abdu Sattar.

The stand-off led to both CSC heads arriving for work, and the CSC eventually blocking Fahmy from accessing its offices in September 2013. Minivan News was told by a CSC source at the time that Fahmy’s fingerprint access was rescinded after the former commissioner continued to come to the office for a few minutes every day.

The head of the CSC sits on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), the judicial watchdog body mired in controversy and accused of wanton politicisation and gross misconduct, and thus has influence over the judiciary.

Fahmy was alleged to have called a female staff member over to him, taken her hand and asked her to stand in front of him so that others in the office could not see, and caressed her stomach saying ”it won’t do for a beautiful single woman like you to get fat.”

According to local media, the woman told her family about the incident, who then called Fahmy. Fahmy then sent her a text message apologising for the incident, reportedly stating, ”I work very closely with everyone. But I have learned my lesson this time.”

In response to the allegations, Fahmy told Minivan News previously that the female staff member had made up the allegation after she learned she had not won a scholarship to Singapore offered by the CSC.


8 thoughts on “Disgraced CSC chief appointed Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia”

  1. So, is Yameen going to sent Ali Hameed as the Maldivian Ambassador to Russia? LOL! That'd be a nice way to thank Ali Hameed for the hard work he did to bring Yameen and Gasim to power, wouldn't it?

  2. great 30 yrs back where pedophiles and bosses harass their staff and who ever commit crimes and disgraceful acts but support the regime will be rewarded ... so the formula is basically in Maldives you can what ever you want and you will be put into high position as long as you support the gov. will do anything for economic incentives.

  3. Pple like these are also lucky.. the moment he swingles with a member of my family, that will be the day, the national security or the justice system wud fail to protect these pple. I can promise you that much and i can say that i keep my promises. for me, revenge and justice sit only by my hands.

  4. NO to democracy.. it has failed on the day the biggest drug lord in the state became the president

  5. There's a lesson for all Maldivian women who voted for Yameen. This clearly shows that Yameen doesn't take sexual harassment as a problem at all!

    You get what you asked for.

  6. Malaysia is not a significant country in terms of relations to Maldives, but still thats a insult to Malaysia.


  7. well.. i am looking for a diplomatic job! does this mean i have to harass a couple of female co-workers and i get the job?


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