Defence minister confirms 50 Hulhumale’ flats to be awarded to officers

Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim has announced that 50 flats on the island of Hulhumale’ will be awarded to military officers alongside financial assistance to help them keep up with payments, local media has reported.

Citing a transcript published on the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) website, newspaper Haveeru reported that a committee headed by Brigadier General Abdulla Shamal will oversee the awarding of the properties to candidates from a “pre-set criteria”.

Officers from all ranks are expected to be included in the scheme, which is also expected to provide assistance to officers facing difficulties in meeting the required payments on schedule, according to the report.

Nazim reportedly added that the government had already arranged to cover down payments on the fifty properties in order to facilitate awarding of the housing.

He also claimed that a nine storey building within existing military quarters had also been constructed for officers.  A budget has also been agreed with the government for the further renovation of buildings already used for military purposes, Nazim claimed in the transcript.


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  1. You read it right. Do not make enemies from within the Gestapo; they could easily depose the reigning chief.


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