HRCM to publish February 7 report at “earliest” date following alleged leak

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) will release its report on rights abuses leading up to February’s controversial transfer of power as soon as possible after parts of its findings were allegedly leaked by the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

The HRCM claims that the report has not been shared with any political party as of yet, while raising fears sections of it may already have been used as a “political tool” after being disclosed to the media.

Speaking to Minivan News today, HRCM Vice President Ahmed Tholal said that the commission had only shared the report with stakeholders to whom its recommendations were relevant. According to Tholal, these stakeholders include the Maldives Police Service and other selected state institutions.

According to details of the report leaked by PPM Interim Deputy Leader Umar Naseer on Saturday (August 18), the HRCM concluded that former President Mohamed Nasheed gave “unlawful orders” to the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and police officers at the Artificial Beach area on the evening of February 6.

According to Naseer,  the HRCM report stated that the MNDF and police officers at the Artificial Beach area were “unlawfully” ordered to leave the area, which led to a breakdown in command and control of the security forces.  Consequently, citizens were injured and huge damage was caused to the state, Naseer stated, citing the report.

While local media has reported that the document shared by PPM was the HRCM report with sections removed, Tholal confirmed that the full report had been sent to stakeholders.

Tholal said that in light of the reported leak, the HRCM now intended to share its published findings with the public at the earliest possible date.  He was unable to provide a specific date, but said the decision had to be made in a commission members’ meeting as required in their regulations.

Meanwhile, HRCM Commission Member Ahmed Abdul Kareem, speaking during a press conference on July 18, stated that the commission would not be looking into the events surrounding the transfer of power on February 7 as it did not fall within the body’s mandate.

When asked about the contradictions between this statement and the accounts given by Umar Naseer that were said to be have taken from the report, Tholal responded today by saying that he had not seen what details the PPM Deputy Leader had shared. He claimed that the HRCM had not conducted any investigation into the controversial transfer of power.

Tholal also expressed concern that the report was currently being used by some entities as a political tool ,“The reason why we haven’t put in a confidentiality clause is that our intention is to release it to the public when the time comes. It is not a confidential document as such. But the point is, when it is shared, we expect it to be used for the intended purposes and not as a political tool”.

In addition to the PPM, its coalition government partner the Jumhooree Party (JP) also held a press conference about the report this week.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that Jumhooree Party (JP) Deputy President Ameen Ibrahim stated the leaked report would put an end to questions about the transfer of power in February.  According to Ameen, the two main questions around the events on February 7 had been answered through the report; firstly whether there was a coup, followed by whether or not President Waheed assumed his presidency through legal means.

While HRCM claims that they had not investigated the transfer of power through their report, JP Spokesperson Moosa Rameez contended the findings provided conclusive details on the event.

The JP representatives also stated they were very confident the upcoming Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) report would conclude the transfer of power had not been a “coup d’etat” as alleged by the now opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Neither the PPM’s Umar Naseer or JP spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza were responding to calls at the time of press.


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  1. Only MDP can leak and critisize such reports what is PPM thinking, MDP didnt do anything against the constitution, not a single thing, Anni didnt get the special forces to kidnap the judge, the judge kidnapped himself, Anni loves the opposition, he didnt get the police and army to leave the area, so that war can happen on our soil with rocks and planks, Anni is a saintly leader who favours all parties and wants pluralism!!

  2. now HRCM members are a bunch of baghees to MDP.
    But see, each one of the HRCM member is handpicked and nominated by nasheed himself.
    during his regime hundreds of people applied for HRCM membership to presidents office. the presidents office selected few individuals and sent it to majlis which approved their names are they are now in HRCM.

  3. @ainth

    HRCM Commission members were not handpicked by President Nasheed. Gosh the Spin Doctors of Gayoom and the Baagee government are working hard.

  4. UMAR NASEER,has the guts to operate gangs of drunks n druggies, calling for organized terrorism against own country, publicly announcing plans to jump using ladders inside HQ, publicly announcing his involvement in a clear cut coup, publicly threatening the executive of murder or attempted murder, and again publicly again and again confess to his own crimes on public TV?

    You people really think those who orchastrated, designed and executed this COUP, will be ever spared??
    You people think today is yours to loot, kill, steal, rape, abuse and terrorise public, but surely tomorrow will be different!!

    Tomorrow will come, like it or not! whether by submission or force, local or international influence, CONI or no CONI, tomorrow will be for us, public!!

    how long can u rule for?? another 30 years?? Hoax!!!

    No one want blood shed, so if them belly full will not hand over power peacefully, it'll be surgically removed from them, or them from it!!!

    As for Trators!! shaaree'a n law agree its a death sentence, no doubt or question about it, n this time, Nasheed will be sad that u Trators had this much of a pea brain to conceve such atrocities !!!

  5. @Fathun

    Could you please enlighten us, and tell us WHO sent the list of Members for the current HRCM to the Majlis (Parliament) ?

    If I am not mistaken it was the former president Mohamed Nasheed, because as per the constitution, the president is entasked to send a list to the parliament, and either the parliament endorses or rejects it, the same process is used for the posts of cabinet ministers \ supreme court justices \ and members of other independent institutions.

  6. HRCM report was not shared with the stake holders, it's a report about what happen on transfer of power, if it is then president Nasheed is a stake holder cause he was removed from the power.
    HRCM did not share the report with president Nasheed.

  7. Human rights are a load of crockery. Nasheed was deposed because he was weak and unvirtuous.

    The faults of our leaders lie with our women at the end of the day. The offspring is only as virtuous as the womb that once carried it.

    Take heed, human rights cannot fix our women. On the contrary in fact, as thoroughly explained by the ulammah, it shields them from proper discipline.

  8. "patriot on Mon, 20th Aug 2012 5:10 PM
    Another propagendist started working here?"

    Very true, another dim wit seems to be at work here!

    If it were me, I would not have commented on this poor lame old fox because I already have made my last!


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